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6 Classic Beginner Pole Moves for New Dancers

Beginner pole moves for new pole dancers

Last Updated on November 26, 2022

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Everyone has to start at the beginning, right? If you’ve recently signed up to pole fitness classes, you’re probably already fixated by pole fitness superstars on YouTube and Instagram. All of these dancers started by learning some basic pole tricks, just like you! This article contains some classic beginner pole moves for new dancers. In a class environment, you will probably learn very early along your pole fitness journey.

It can be quite daunting when you start learning how to pole dance. There are so many different things to remember, your instructor should explain things well and be patient when you’re learning a new move.

The tricks in this article are designed for beginner pole dancers, most beginner moves are staples for pole dancers of all levels. These tricks will also help with your strength building and general conditioning that will help you transition to more intermediate and advanced moves.

Remember, every pole dancer starts at the beginning. Don’t rush through tricks just to tick-boxes, and don’t try to get ahead of yourself by trying to shoulder mount before you can manage a basic tuck invert!

Pole Dancing Moves for Beginners

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Walking Around the Pole

It sounds so simple, right? You hold on on the pole and walk around it. Well, yes, but this technique is actually key for beginners to learn as is conditions your muscles for more advanced pole tricks you’ll learn in the future.

When walking around the pole, you need to pay attention to your body’s position in relation to the pole, as well as ensuring that your shoulders are rotated back and you maintain good posture. The way that you walk is important too, walking on tip-toes or wearing high heel shoes (optional for beginners) will give your legs a killer workout, as well as make you look more elegant. Keep your toes pointed too!

Walking around the pole - pole moves for beginners
Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

Sitting on the Pole

This is another staple move for beginners to have in their repertoire. It’s also a good way to start building up your pain threshold, as this move hurts – quite a lot! You can introduce yourself to thigh-grip fairly quickly and in a controlled way, by sitting on the pole but still holding on with your hands, then you can slowly remove your hands as you build up grip strength.

When you can comfortable sit on the pole, give yourself an extra challenge by climbing higher up the pole! Always have a spotter with you when you’re trying something new for the first time.

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Being able to sit on the pole (hands-free, of course) is your gateway to more advanced tricks! And remember, being able to perform the move is one thing, but being able to smile through it, making it look effortless is another!

Sitting on the Pole - Pole moves for beginners
Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

Fireman Spin

The fireman spin is a classic spin that beginners will likely learn in their first few lessons, it may even be your first ever spin! It’s a spin that looks elegant and is not too tricky to perform for beginners, which will give you confidence.

There are several variations and combinations of this spin. Remember to always practise spins on both sides of the pole so your arms get an equal workout!

Fireman spin - pole moves for beginners
Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

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Back Hook Spin

A back hook spin is another classic spin that’s great for spinning with a lot of momentum all the way down to the floor on a static pole. As a beginner, it’s important to learn all these different grips for spins and holds, it can be confusing at first when you’re trying to configure your arms and legs in the right position, but you’ll be surprised at natural it feels when you get it right

Back hook spin
Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

Split Grip Hold

Even though this move is suitable for beginners, it’s actually quite difficult, in fact it takes a lot of strength to lift yourself in this position. With split grip hold, your two hands are the only points of contact with the pole, your top arm is locked and your core is supporting your bottom arm.

It’s not expected for pole dancers to perform this trick right away, that’s because it takes practice more so than simply knowing the technique. It may take a few weeks of training to get this, but it’s important that you keep trying and don’t give up, as it’s important milestone for performing other more advanced and complex tricks.

Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

Floor work

As a beginner pole dancer, floor work is going to be an important part of your conditioning and routine preparation. If you’re learning how to spin on a static pole, where you spin all the way down to the floor then this is a great opportunity to practice your floor work at the same time.

Some great examples of floor work are:

  • Clockwork legs
  • Bicycle legs
  • Forward splits
  • Box splits
  • Hair flicks
  • Slowly lower yourself into a push-up position

So, there are 6 examples of beginner pole moves for new pole dancers that you can expect to learn at the start of your pole fitness journey. Once you have these core moves perfected, you’ll be ready to progress and transition to the next level. Of course, the tricks in this article are just examples, there are hundreds of other poses, spins and transitions your instructor may teach you!

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Pole Dancing Moves for Beginners

Summary: Classic Beginner Pole Moves for New Dancers

  1. Walking around the pole
  2. Sitting on the pole
  3. Fireman spin
  4. Back hook spin
  5. Split grip hold
  6. Floor work

Happy poling!

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