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Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray Review (IPSF Approved)

Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray
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We love reviewing products at Pole Fit Freedom so that you can make the most of the various products out there for pole dancers! In this post, we’re going to review Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray, which is designed for pole dancers and the only grip aid that’s approved by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF)!

We’ve used various pole dancing grip aids for over 10 years now and have come to understand the advantages and disadvantages of many different products. Different skin types need different types of grip products and finding the one that’s most effective for you can be a challenge.

This is a detailed review of Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray, which is a fairly new and uncommon grip aid. It is suitable for use in pole studios and for amateur and professional pole dancers alike.

But, how do you know if it’s going to work for you?

Let’s find out…


Hydro Attack Grip Spray Review
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Features of Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray is specifically formulated for pole dancers to make the most of. It’s not a multi-use formula, it’s for pole dancers and pole dancers only.

  • Non-greasy, easy-to-use spray application
  • Provides extra grip and long-lasting moisture
  • 97% natural ingredients
  • Low-allergy formula
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 for extra moisture that doesn’t affect your gripping ability
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben, Phthalate, and Phenoxyethanol-free.

How to Use Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

In order to get the most from this product, follow these instructions. Do not treat it like other grip aids, it’s no intended to use this spray on your hands or feet at all. It is a body grip.

  1. Shake the bottle really well

  2. Spray directly onto your skin, holding the bottle about 10″ (25cm) away

  3. Spray it anywhere on your body that will come into contact with the pole, including legs, upper arms, and stomach

  4. Do not rub the product with the palms of your hand. Use your forearms to rub it in instead.

  5. Only use on the palms of your hands if you have very dry skin and never get sweaty hands.

  6. It takes about a minute to dry, when your skin feels dry – you’re ready to pole!

Pro Tip

For this product to work at it’s best, use it right after a shower and then again just before your pole session starts.

How Does It Work?

Hydro Attack works by actively bringing more moisture to your skin continuously with use. It contains aloe vera and Vitamin B5 to give your skin the added moisture that it needs for optimum levels of grip. This also enhances the reproduction of skin cells on bruises and works as a strong moisturizer.

Hydro Attack Grip Spray for Pole Dancers

Pros of Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

  • Designed and developed by pole dancers, for pole dancers
  • Approved by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF)
  • Natural ingredients that are not harmful to your skin
  • Easy to use, store and apply
  • Very good value, $12/€12/£10 for a 100ml bottle
  • High quality ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Very low risk of allergic reactions
  • Provides an excellent level of body grip that’s perfect for pole dancing

Cons of Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

  • The product has no antiperspirant properties and does not stop you from sweating.
  • Leaves a slight residue on the pole and you will need to clean your pole more often if you choose to use this grip aid.
  • The bottle is quite small and can get used up quite fast, as this is a body grip spray, it has a larger surface area to cover rather than a grip intended for use on your hands.

So, Is It Worth Buying?

The Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray is an excellent new pole dancing grip product that is about to explode in popularity.

If you’re particularly sweaty when you workout, then you will need to use another product alongside this as it does not prevent you from sweating at all. In fact, if you sweat, then it seems to mix with the product which makes gripping more difficult.

However, as it’s a purpose-made pole dancing grip, it gives you the perfect level of grip that you need to grip the pole.

It works fantastically with Mighty Grip Powder or Dry Hands Pole Dancing Grip Aid, and if you use a combination of these then it will help with the sweat problem too.

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As with any pole dancing grip product, find the right product for you is going to be trial and error. If you have bought Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray and find that it’s not right for you, why not give it to another pole dancer, as it may be perfect for them!

Product Rating

5/5 when used in combination with other grip aid products

Where To Buy Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

You can buy Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray from Vertical Wise, an online pole dancing store.

Click here to check the current price

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Happy Poling!

This post may contain affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product. Read our full disclosure here.

Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray


Product quality


Ease of install


Safety during use





  • Natural ingredients that are not harmful to your skin
  • Approved by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF)
  • Very good value for money - a little goes a long way!
  • Excellent amount of body grip that's perfect for pole dancing


  • Provides grip but does not stop sweating as there's no antiperspirant
  • Leaves a mild residue on the pole after use

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