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Flying Pole: What you NEED to Know

What is a flying pole?

Last Updated on December 21, 2022

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Flying Pole is a very unique sport and form of aerial performance. It’s unique in the fact that it combines pole fitness with aerial skills to create an innovative and exciting performance technique.

Performers who use flying poles incorporate an array of incredible flips, tricks and jumps, with slides, climbs and dance, all while suspended on a free-hanging vertical dance pole that’s hanging from the ceiling!

Flying pole is a dangerous, but exhilarating spectacle to watch or take part in. It brings new vitality and innovation into pole fitness and aerial arts.

This article is all about flying pole as a form of fitness, which has become increasingly more popular in the last couple of years.

You will learn:

  • What the flying pole is, its history and how it became popular,
  • How the flying pole works and what makes it unique,
  • Where to buy your own flying pole to use at home or in a studio!

What is a Flying Pole?

The Flying Pole is the very first piece of equipment to fully connect the aerial and pole fitness worlds. It is a catalyst for change. It is the unifier. All joking aside, a flying pole is both a professional dance pole, as well as a true piece of aerial apparatus.

It hangs from the ceiling, either using existing aerial mounts/truss or an A-Frame that’s designed for aerial use. The performer then “flies” around on the pole while performing tricks. Sounds fun, right?!

You’re probably wondering how exactly this is physically possible! Well, I promise you that it is indeed possible! Here is a video which demonstrates a flying pole performer:

Very similar to this type of flying pole, is another form of acrobatic/aerial equipment which does the same thing, but pivots and swings around from the floor instead of the ceiling!

The next video demonstrates how this other type of flying pole works during a performance:

Flying pole has become popular thanks to performers such as Lisette Krol and Pantera Blacksmith who shared videos of this unique piece of equipment being beautifully used onto social media. What followed was pole and aerial fitness enthusiasts going wild over this latest aerial trend.

How it Works

In order to use a flying pole, you need aerial rigging before beginning. Flying poles work by hanging from truss or secure aerial mounts. You can also use an aerial ‘A-Frame’ with carabiner connectors so you can fly freely on your pole!

If you’re planning to install a flying pole at home or in your studio, you do need to have plenty of height available in order to make the post of your pole. 10ft ceiling height minimum is recommended, but more is always better to allow you to have longer poles with ore usable space.

Standard aerial and pole safety rules apply when using flying poles just like any other form of dance pole or aerial equipment. Using this equipment without adequate training can be fatal and incredibly dangerous. You need to be taught the proper technique before using this equipment to keep yourself safe.

You should also consider using crash mats and a spotter when trying new tricks on the flying pole.

Flying Poles for Sale

Due to the rise in popularity of flying poles, many of the mainstream pole and aerial manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and are now selling their own flying poles.

Being a relatively simple piece of equipment, companies such as X Pole who already have years’ worth of experience in the pole and aerial industry had everything in place to launch these brand new aerial products quickly.

1. X Pole X Fly Pro

The X Fly Pro is X Pole’s very own flying pole, suitable for home and professional use. It is a fully portable, multi-piece extendable pole which is easily connected to your aerial rigging.

X Pole X Fly 45mm Chrome
X Pole X Fly 45mm Chrome. Image from X Pole

Key features

  • Multi-piece for easy transportation and storage – two equal length pole tubes – Additional/optional 400mm extension for increased length
  • Available in different options:
    • Basic Version 2410mm (7’ 10”) (2x 1180mm tubes)
    • Pro Version 2810mm (9’ 3”) (2x 1180mm + 400mm Extension) – Available in 45mm diameter only
  • Smooth pole from top to bottom
  • Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel and Silicone finish

This is the ultimate combination of pole dance and aerial fitness, it’s very affordable and made by X Pole, the industry leaders in pole fitness equipment!

Shop X Pole X Fly PRO here (Prices start at $199)



If you’re considering trying out flying poles, you absolutely should! Whether you’re a pole dancer, aerial enthusiast or there’s something about the flying pole that appeals to you then don’t hesitate! Contact your local aerial studio and get on it – there’s no time like the present! You can be like a monkey, swinging from pole to pole!

In all seriousness, any aerial sport will seriously improve your fitness levels. If you’re already an aerialist/poler then something like flying pole can really take your routines and tricks to the next level.

Do it, you’ve got nothing to lose! Leave a comment below if you’ve used a flying pole and what it felt like!

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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