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6 Ways to Get Involved in Our Pole Dance Community

Get involved with pole fit freedom

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Our online community is growing, so we would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about the different ways you can engage with us on this website! We can’t believe how much this little website has grown in the last few months!

Thank you so much for reading our articles, we really hope you find them useful.

Here are 6 ways you can get involved with us

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1. Tell us about you

We recently launched a questionnaire which literally takes you 30 seconds to complete. It asks you just a few multi-choice questions about yourself and your pole fitness journey.

It helps us get a better understanding of who our readers are, and gives you a chance to have your say on what happens with this website!

Don’t worry, we don’t collect any personal information in this survey and it’s completely anonymous. It uses Google forms, but you don’t need to be logged into Google to fill it out!

Complete the survey here (opens in a new tab)

2. Submit a Guest Post

Write a guest post for pole fit freedom if you're a pole dance or fitness blogger

We are currently looking for posts in the following areas:

  • Pole Dance instructor Confessions (see examples)
  • Genre or mood-based playlists for pole dancing (see examples)
  • Articles on women’s fitness or nutrition (see example)
  • Pole dancing with a chronic illness or disability
  • Stories about how pole dancing boosted your confidence

Even if your idea for a guest post doesn’t fit within these specific categories, you can still submit your idea to us for consideration.

Our website gets significant traffic (over 15,000 visits per month according to Google Analytics) so here is a chance for your story to reach a big audience!

If you’re a blogger, writer or individual who wants to share their story on this website, please submit your idea here.

3. Join our Pinterest Group Board for Pole Dancers

Join our new Pinterest group board for Pole Dancers
Our Group Board is a great place to share your latest achievements!

We have a Pinterest group Board for Pole Dancers to join and pin their pictures to the board.

You can pin as many or as few images as you Like, but they must be pole related!

Did you know that every page of Pole Fit Freedom has an image designed for Pinterest for you to pin to your boards? That’s how much we love Pinterest! We also have a Tailwind Tribe, if that’s your thing (if you don’t use Tailwind, but would like to join, you can use this link to join and get $15 credit!)

Join the Pinterest Group Board for pole dancers here

4. Follow us on Social Media

Get social with us! Links to our profiles are below, unfortunately, we don’t have Instagram or Facebook at the moment as it was simply too much work to keep them updated and we weren’t seeing much engagement or traffic. We are very active on Pinterest and Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter / Follow us on Pinterest

5. Join our E-mail List

Join Pole Fit Freedom's E-mail List
Join Pole Fit Freedom’s E-mail List

Our regular emails contain tips and advice for pole dancing, special offers and discounts for subscribers, and the latest content from this site delivered straight to your inbox!

We never share your information with other companies without your consent and we never send you spam! You can unsubscribe at any time.

Use the form below to subscribe to our email newsletter, we promise you won’t regret it!

6. Request a Product Review or Article

If you’re considering a new product but want some input, check out our reviews section here. If you can find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we can buy the product ourselves and test it for your benefit!

Happy poling!



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