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Pole Dancing & Portable Dance Pole Experts

Welcome to Pole Fit Freedom! We are a group of pole dance instructors from around the web and we made this blog packed full of well-researched information but also with years of personal experience using portable dance poles. The idea came to us when we were chatting about how many people don’t have access to local pole dancing classes and have no choice but to learn at home.

Hello and welcome - Helping you on your pole dancing journey

We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it. We absolutely love writing useful guides for our readers and hopefully encourages others into learning how to pole dance.

Not Sure Where To Start?

These are some of the most popular posts and pages on the site since its launch. These popular posts cover everything from the health benefits of pole dancing to how to find out how tall your ceiling is so you can install your own dance pole!

Pole Dance Clothing

If you’re looking for something to wear to your next pole session, then look no further!

Confessions Of A Pole Dance Instructor

Read the latest posts from our brand new blog series called ‘Confessions Of A Pole Dance Instructor‘ where pole dance instructors share their brutally honest, hilarious and sometimes weird stories for their experience as a pole dance teacher.

Pole Dance Grip Aid Reviews

Looking For Songs For Your Next Routine?

Portable Dance Pole Reviews

Get Inspired

Never Mess With A Woman Who Hangs Upside Down For Fun
Click on the image for more inspirational pole fitness quotes!