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X Pole XPERT Review – The Ultimate Dance Pole?

X Pole XPERT Review

Last Updated on January 5, 2023

This article may contain affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase. Read the full disclosure.

Are you considering buying yourself an X Pole XPERT? It’s definitely one of the best and most popular portable dance poles on the market due to its durability, stability, design, and static/spin functions. X Pole continues to be the industry leader in pole dancing and aerial fitness equipment.

We frequently review products at Pole Fit Freedom so that you can make the most of the various products out there for pole dancers!

Portable dance poles, such as the X Pole XPERT just so happen to be something were experts on (even if we do say so ourselves!) I’ve now had the X Pole XPERT for 3 years, and before that, I had both an X Pole Sport and a previous version of the XPERT. I’m very familiar with X Pole Products!

This is a review of the X Pole XPERT 2014 model. Previous models of the XPERT had the same features but had a slightly different design. The 2014 model of the XPERT had a number of improvements made to it.

Since writing this review, X Pole have upgraded the XPERT into the X Pole Pro in Spring of 2018.

The main difference is that you can switch from static to spin without the need of using a hex key, using just your hand. If you already have an XPERT Pole from 2017 or earlier, you can actually upgrade your existing pole into the new XPERT PRO!

Continue reading to find out how. 

X Pole calls their XPERT pole “The Ultimate Dance Pole”, so, let’s find out if it lives up to its reputation…

X Pole XPERT – Portable Dance Pole Review

X Pole XPert Pole Review - Portable Dance Pole Reviews

If you’re new to Pole Dancing then you’ll probably have heard of X Pole by now, there’s a good chance that your pole dancing studio uses X Poles! As I’ve already mentioned, they are the industry leader in manufacturing pole dancing equipment.

X Pole manufacture and sell several different types of portable dance poles, including the X Pole Sport (static only pole), this X Pole X Pert (static and spinning pole) and the X Pole Stages (freestanding static and spinning poles with podiums)

Read the lowdown on freestanding dance poles (stages with bases) here 

Who is the X Pole XPERT Suitable For?

The X Pole XPERT is suitable for home and professional use by pole dancers of all levels. It’s suitable for brand new beginners and experienced experts.

You will find the X Pole XPERT in gyms, dance studios, clubs and performance venues around the world.

  • All pole tricks, from beginner to professional
  • Doubles and acrobatic tricks
  • Performance and competitions
  • Home or professional use

Many pole dancers use X Poles in their homes, with the XPERT being more popular than the X Pole Sport due to it being able to change between being a static pole and a spinning pole.

It’s perfect for home use as it doesn’t require any permanent fixtures or mounts to keep it in place as it’s held in place by pressure.

The X Pole XPERT is extremely stable, so it’s definitely suitable for doubles training, as well as advanced tricks and spins.

Main Features of the X Pole XPERT Portable Dance Pole

X-Pole 50mm Chrome X-Pert Dance Pole (Spin/Static)
  • Fully removable, the pole is held in place with no need for fixtures on the ceiling
  • Easy installation and removal, the pole can be installed in about 15 minutes and then taken down in 5 minutes
  • Bottom loading, so no need for ladders to install
  • Completely portable and breaks down into pieces for easy transportation
  • Comes with a 2-piece carry case for the pole and all its pieces
  • Minimum ceiling height: 7’4″
  • Maximum ceiling height: 9′ (extensions are available separately for taller ceilings)
  • Micro-articulating base for use on uneven floor surfaces
  • The user can easily switch between ‘static’ and ‘spin’ modes
  • Completely smooth from top to bottom, you cannot feel the transition between pole pieces
  • Available in Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Silicone, or Powder-Coated Finishes
  • Different widths available are 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

What You Need To Know Before Buying

There are several things you will need to know before buying an X Pole XPERT (or any portable dance pole).

Find Out Your Ceiling Height

The X Pole XPERT sits tightly in place between the floor and the ceiling. So, you’ll obviously need to know your ceiling height beforehand, as if you have a particularly high ceiling you may need to purchase additional extensions.

To find out your ceiling height, measure the height of the door frame using a straight tape measure, then measure from the top of the door frame to the ceiling and add the two together (unless you have a super long tape measure…)

If you have carpet, add 2 inches (give or take) for the carpet and underlay. If your ceiling height is below 9 foot (2745mm), then you won’t need to buy any additional extensions! However, if it’s taller than 9 foot, then you can use a larger extension in place of the 250mm extension piece that comes in the box.

Choose a Pole Finish

The X Pole XPERT comes in several different finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Titanium Gold
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicone Coated
  • Powder Coated

The Chrome XPERT is the most common and least expensive, although there are some disadvantages to using chrome.

Read our guide to different finishes used on dance poles here

Choose Your Preferred Width

Standard X Pole XPERTs come in 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm, whereas the silicone coated poles come in 48mm and 53mm. This is due to the added width of the silicone.

Find a Suitable Location For Your Pole

Your pole will need to go somewhere with enough space around it to perform spins and tricks. It will also need to go directly underneath a joist, so you’ll need to locate a joist in a suitable place.

You can either purchase a stud detector from Amazon or use the cowboy method of knocking on the ceiling!

What’s Inside the X Pole XPERT Box?

  • 2x long pole pieces (A pole and B pole)
  • 1x 250mm extension pole piece
  • 1x 125mm extension pole piece
  • Top adapter
  • 3x ‘X’ joints (to hold the pole pieces together – the type of X joint depends on the width of your pole…)
  • Base
  • Upper dome
  • 1x 6mm hex key
  • 1x 5mm hex key
  • Small case for the hex keys
  • 2-Piece carry/storage case
  • Instruction manual

You should make sure that all of the pieces are inside the box before you start assembling the pole

X Pole XPert Carry Case
The XPERT is easily transportable

How Do You Assemble the X Pole XPERT?

The X Pole XPERT is very easy to assemble. It can be done alone, but it’s much easier if two people do it together!

After checking that everything that should be in the box is present and correct, you know your ceiling height and where the joists are, you’re ready to go!

The X Pole Manual is incredibly detailed and there’s a great step-by-step video on X Pole’s YouTube Channel to demonstrate how to assemble the X Pole XPERT:

As you can see, it’s not a difficult process and it’s very easy to follow!

I’ve now put up and taken down hundreds of XPERT Poles. The first time took the longest, as I was figuring everything out but after that, it literally takes me 10 minutes to put it up and even quicker to pack it away.

Pro Tip:

It’s very useful to have a magnetic spirit level to ensure the pole is completely straight. If you don’t have one, then visually align the pole with a door frame, it should be completely parallel. It’s worth noting that your door frame may not be 100% straight!

Using the X Pole XPERT

This pole is perfectly suitable for all pole dancers at all levels.

Don’t let the ‘X Pert’ name put you off! It’s actually perfect for beginners as they have the option to practice moves on both ‘static’ and ‘spin’. Many dancers learn by using one type and find it difficult to switch at a later date. If you’re not interested in having a spinning pole, check out the XPERT’s sister, the X Pole Sport.


The ceiling dome is much larger than you think it will be, this allows for the pressure to the spread across the ceiling as opposed to all concentrated in one place. In contrast, the floor plate is absolutely tiny.

I’ve been using this pole for many years. Mine is Chrome, 45mm and, after years of use, it has barely any signs of wear at all. I use the pole several times per week.

I have never encountered any problems with the most recent X Pole XPERT (2014 model), but I have had problems with their previous models of XPERT Poles (Pre 2013). See below for the difference between this new pole and the previous XPERT versions.

This current X Pert Pole is absolutely perfect. There have been no issues whatsoever and the pole is as sturdy and usable as ever. I’ve not encountered any of the chrome finish becoming tarnished, nor any wear on the bearing (spinning mechanism) so I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever about this version of the X Pole XPERT!

In the last 3 years, the X Pole XPERT has not caused any damage to my ceilings. I had the X Pole installed on carpet and it left this imprint when I took it down. As you can see I was expecting this so I used a separate piece of carpet underneath the pole!

Carpet imprint left by X Pole XPert - one of the concerns with portable dance poles and renting
Carpet imprint left by X Pole XPERT – one of the concerns with portable dance poles

2014 XPERT Vs. Other Versions

As I mentioned earlier, in 2014, X Pole released this new version of the X Pole XPERT. I’ve had two previous versions of the XPERT; the first one (in 2009) had the height adjuster at the top and needed a ladder to install it, and the second one was nearly exactly the same as this newest version in design and features, but I have noticed some minor improvements:

  1. The X-Joints are stronger, and the groove that holds them in place when inside the pole is a better fit and the X-Joints are less likely to rotate when inside the pole.
  2. The hex keys have a rubber handle so it’s easier to tighten the pole.
  3. The carry case has a holder for the 2 long pole pieces, this used to be velcro and this is a vast improvement.
  4. The surface of the chrome pole has a slightly improved grip.
  5. The adjuster cover slides up and down during installation, on the previous X Pole this was different and the cover had to be removed.
  6. The packaging now uses less plastic and foam, and more recyclable paper.
  7. Improved instruction manual and video.

These improvements here are not as drastic as when they released the first bottom-loading pole, but it seems that X Pole has the design and technology pretty perfect as it is!

2018 XPERT Pro

X Pole XPERT Pro
Features of the X Pole XPERT Pro

As you can see, the main difference is the mechanism to switch between ‘static’ and ‘spin’ modes. You can now switch modes mid-routine!

In previous models (pre-2017), switching between ‘static’ and ‘spin’ required a 4mm hex key to loosen two small screws in the base of the pole. It wasn’t difficult to do and it took a few seconds, but it certainly adds a new dimension to choreography being able to switch modes with just your hand!

You can actually upgrade your existing X Pole, visit their website to find out more.


Pros of the XPERT Pole

If you can’t already tell, I love this pole! Here are its main plus points:

It can be easily switched between static and spin.

This really is an excellent feature, especially for beginners who are learning the different techniques using static and spin. Pole dancers of all levels can make use of this, it’s not as if “static is for beginners and spin is for advanced”, they’re both for everyone!

It’s incredibly well made and the joints are very strong.

The X-Joint system is very well thought out and the pole is generally very sturdy, well-made and strong. It feels extremely safe when using it after it’s been properly installed. If you whole house fell down in storm, I bet the pole would still be standing!

Additional options can be added in the future.

If you’ll be moving home with a taller ceiling, no problem? The X Pole has a set of different sized extension pieces available to make the pole taller if the ‘out of the box’ height is too small. It also have permanent fixtures and fittings available if you wanted to mount your pole to the ceiling at anytime in the future.

X Pole are the best pole and aerial company to work with!

Honestly, X Pole’s customer service is excellent. They deal with any queries quickly and effectively. They’re the constant innovators within the pole and aerial industry!

Cons of the XPERT Pole

I have almost nothing bad to say about the XPERT pole, however, over the past 4 years of using this pole at home, I have some observations:

The chrome is very slippery at first.

When you first start using your new X Pole XPERT, it will probably be much more slippery than poles you’ve been using at your pole studio.

If this is the case with your new chrome pole, then it does get better with time and the more you use it. In the meantime, make sure you’re fully warmed-up before your workouts and you’ll be able to grip with more ease.

Need to re-tighten if the pole is up for long periods of time.

Although the XPERT is probably the most secure and stable thing in my house right now (hah), I was surprised to notice just how much the height adjuster screws had become undone after it being up for a year or so.

It wasn’t unsafe, they just weren’t as tight as they originally were.

In all fairness to X Pole, it does say you’re supposed to check the tightness of these screws regularly, which I failed to do at the time. The pole was still perfectly safe and I’d used it without noticing that the screws had loosened over time.

It’s also a good idea to re-tighten the X-Joints every so often if the pole will be in the same place for a long time.

This 2014 XPERT does not have the problem where the X-Joints become twisted inside the pole, meaning the holes are misaligned and the hex key won’t fit in the disassemble the pole. At least, I’ve never encountered this problem with my X Pole XPERT.

You need to ensure the ‘X’ on the base is aligned with the marker when changing between static/spin modes.

I’ve seen this problem that prevents premature wear on the pole. It mainly happens to poles in public gyms or studios. When changing your pole from spin into static, there are 2 small screws at the bottom of the pole that you tighten with a hex key.

There’s an ‘X’ marked on the base of the pole and a vertical line on the pole itself. These should be aligned when you tighten the pole back into ‘static’ mode.

This is because the threads of the height adjuster screw inside the pole will become prematurely worn if you tightened the static/spin screws over them.

Where To Buy The X Pole XPERT

The best place to buy the X Pole XPERT is directly from X Pole themselves, or Amazon. Amazon is an authorized reseller of X Pole Products. It’s important to be aware of fake X Poles being sold on eBay and Craigslist!

Only buy your X Pole from an authorized re-seller, if you’re unsure then X Pole or Amazon are your safest bets.


When it comes to price, it all depends on which pole finish you want, brass and titanium gold will cost more than chrome.

Prices for the X Pole XPERT Start at $299 for the chrome or stainless steel poles.

Visit X Pole’s Website (US) or X Pole’s Website (UK).


Should you buy the X Pole XPERT?

If you’re looking for a portable dance pole that will last you for many years, then yes! I would 100% recommend this product to any pole dancer of any level. X Pole also has excellent customer service.

Shop X Pole XPERTs Here

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.



Product quality


Ease of install


Safety during use





  • Easily switched between static and spin
  • Incredibly strong, sturdy and well made. The X-Joints are especially innovative and strong
  • Easy to install with no ladders, drilling or mounts required
  • Additional accessories available, including extensions, ceiling mounts, pole silks and loads more!


  • Chrome can be slippery (only relevant if you opt for Chrome finish)
  • The threads can become damaged if you aren't careful in aligning the 'X' on the base

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