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Should You Buy A Second Hand X Pole?

Should you buy a second hand X Pole?

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

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If you’re considering buying a Second Hand X Pole, make sure you read this important information before proceeding!

Pole dancing is an increasingly popular workout and more and more Pole dancers have their own Pole installed at home.

X Pole makes the best dance pole for sale at the moment, X Pole are a well known and recognised quality brand that are leaders in supplying pole equipment to new and experienced dancers worldwide.

Their innovation and range has increased ever since since Clive Coote (the founder of X Pole) created the first portable home pole waaaaaay back in 2001!

Their innovations like the X-Joint (that keeps the sections of your pole secure) really has changed the game for pole dancing at home.

A Woman's Right to Pole Dance

It’s no wonder that there is a big market for used or Second Hand X Poles.

However, this is a piece of fitness equipment that will support your body weight, so there are certain safety aspects you need to consider.

Let’s explore everything you need to consider when purchasing a second hand X Pole.

What Should You Be Aware Of When Buying A Second Hand X Pole?

You should be aware of many things when buying a second hand pole, when buying new you can be assured that the pole will not fail or develop a fault, or your covered by warranty!

Just like buying a used car, you have to be aware of what you’re buying and know what questions to ask the seler.

Second hand poles have had a whole history of their own, that could have been sitting in a bag under a bed or set up in a damp garage for months or even years with little to no use.

Lack of care and maintenance can really do a number on a pole.


Here are some points to consider:

Are There Any Chips or Tarnished Coating on the Pole?

Pole coating/types vary, you can have brass, powder coated, stainless steel, silicone, chrome and titanium gold.

Generally it would be quite difficult to chip or dent an all metal pole (bear in mind brass is a softer metal). However, chips can happen if the pole has been roughly handled during transport, or it’s been used while wearing jewellery or pole dancing shoes

Chips could lead to sharp edges or cause rusting when exposed to sweat and the air itself.

With coated poles like powder and silicone, surface damage is more likely because of misuse. This could be someone drunkenly jumping on while wearing a ring or damage from stripper boots with spikes or other pointy bits on them.

Damage to the outer layer can expand over time and with use, so if you are buying a coated pole bear in mind it’s overall life may be reduced if it has scratches or chips.

Silicone is a sleeve/layer over the pole and can be quite thick!

If this is damaged on a second hand pole it should be obvious and generally avoided. Silicone is more of a static pole rather than spinning, so there’s a lot more pulling and grip from the pole that could increase the size of any tears or holes.

Check For Damaged Threads Where The Pieces Connect

People rushing to put a pole together with a bit to much enthusiasm could cause damage to threads, but also people who take the pole down daily may cause more wear and tear than usual through carelessness or routine.

I actually have experience with this where I carelessly put the X-joint incorrectly in the extension piece AND over did it with the hex key causing the X-Joint to become stuck! Total user error – but it damaged the stability of my pole.

The pole will have threaded screws to connect the pole lengths and the base/top, so check the condition of these before buying.

If they are worn down, over time they will come loose quicker (you should always check your pole before you use it new or second hand) and possibly come out during a long workout session.

Image from X Pole

Wear and Tear on the Bearing (Xpert / Spinning Poles)

Bearings on a pole will be doing a lot of work, and depending on where it was stored things like humidity and dust will cause the bearing to become more restricted in it’s movement.

Sticking is noticeable when on the pole performing spins rather than when spinning it by hand. There’s usually one ‘sticking point’ that you’ll notice where the pole doesn’t spin very freely.

This can be fixed by lubricating and adjusting the bearing but the price should be adjusted for this worn moving part.

Check Your Ceiling Height As You May Need Extensions

Check with the seller how high their ceiling is or ask for the full length of the pole, you may need to pick up an extension too.

X Pole poles have changed over the years. This means you need to be sure of what generation pole you have so you can get the correct extension.

Make sure you check with second hand sellers what generation the pole is and the date it was originally purchased.

Generally – if the pole was bought before 2014 it will need a different extension compared to more recent versions. X Pole also still stocks these extensions on their website.

Check the X Pole Carry Case & Accessories

Your X Pole should have the tightening keys with it if not a bag too. Check the keys to make sure they are not worn down through heavy use.

Check the bag, like seriously, portable pole dancing poles are really heavy and the last thing you want is a handle giving way and having that weight land on your foot.

You should also check the threads around the handles and along the seams to make sure it’s still in good condition.

Hopefully it will come with the manual that has the instructions and extra advice in, if not they are available on X Pole’s website to download.

Where to Buy Second Hand X Poles

  • Ebay
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Local studios

Beware of fake X Poles

Here are common signs that the X pole you’re buying is not a genuine product:

  • Hollow or Plastic Dome
  • A ‘Teardrop’ Shaped Dome
  • Screw Threads Instead of X-Joints
  • Poorly Printed Instruction Manual (looks like it was printed on a home printer)
  • Free KT Coates DVD in the box

Second Hand X Poles: Conclusion

X Pole pole dancing poles are extremely affordable when purchased new. The savings to be made by buying a second hand X Pole are negligible when you consider the cost of replacement parts or repairs.

If you’re serious about pole dancing, saving $60 by opting for a second hand pole won’t help you in the long-run.

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