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Best Online Workout Programs that Actually Work

Best Online workout programs

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

This article may contain affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase. Read the full disclosure.

Want to improve your fitness levels, diet and get more exercise but don’t like going to the gym for whatever reason? Wish you knew all of the best online workout programs that will actually work and deliver the results they promise?

Well, you’re in the right place.

This article contains a handful of great value online workouts that make it simple for you to exercise at home. Whether you only have time for a quick workout session, or if you’d like to join a month-long daily yoga or pole dancing challenge, there is something on this list for you that will help you exercise at home.

Remember, there are a lot of exercise videos online, especially on YouTube, but the ones that made this list are created and delivered by professionals who know what they’re dong. Anyone can start a YouTube Channel in their bedroom and start stretching in front of a mirror. But these workouts are the real deal. Most of them don’t require any equipment either.

So take a look through this list of the best online fitness programs that promise the best results and find the perfect solution for you!

For Weight Loss

These are the best online fitness routines for losing weight. If weight loss is your goal, these routines are for you!

2 Week Diet

The 2-Week Diet is a complete new and revolutionary diet that not only guarantees to help you lose weight, it also promises to eliminate more of that stubborn body fat. What’s more, it’s even faster than anything you’ve tried before – the clue is in the title…the 2 week diet! This diet is very easy-to-follow and comes with a 100% no-nonsense guarantee. It really has had some incredible results (see for yourself!)

Weight loss

The best thing about this 2-week diet plan is that you can actually start the program instantly because all of the information you need is available digitally for instant download

With this incredible revolutionary new diet, this is what you can expect within the next 2 weeks:

  • 8-16 pounds (4 to 8 kgs) of body fat gone with innovative new fat-burning techniques
  • Drop down 2-3 dress sizes smaller than your current size (yes, really!)
  • Approximately 2-4 inches dropped from your waistline
  • A more ‘toned’ appearance
  • Reduced cellulite and beautiful skill
  • Better energy and less exhaustion
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Healthier, youthful hair & skin that will look better than ever
  • A speedier metabolism


Bikini Body Workout

If you’re frustrated or disappointed with the results from your current workouts. Stop worrying now, because you’re about to learn how to get a bikini body in under 60 days!

The bikini body is the ultimate goal for us women, we want to be able to confidently walk across the beach in a bikini feeling fabulous and in no way self-conscious. This workout promises all of that and more!

Bikini Body

You can uncover an entirely new version of your body that you didn’t even realize was possible! Never worry about covering up your stomach, thighs, hips or upper-arms ever again. After this workout, you’ll be left with something you can really flaunt on the beach.

This program lets you…

  • Eat all of your favorite foods, guilt-free
  • Enjoy a fun and effective workout
  • Get a learn physique while maintaining your feminine shape
  • …And much more!


Yoga Burn For Women


If yoga is your preferred style of workout, then Yoga Burn is the one for you!

With this program, you will learn:

  • How to avoid the most common yoga pitfall that often leads to injury, stress and even possible weight gain (the opposite of what you want!)
  • The worst and most common yoga mistakes that us women make every day
  • Powerful methods to maximize the amazing health & well-being benefits of yoga
  • Brand new little yoga routines to help boost your metabolism and shape your new ‘yoga booty!’


Jillian Michaels – Your Personal Trainer

Jillian Michaels’ new personal trainer app provides an infinite variety of fully interactive and customized daily workouts. This app is suitable for individuals of ALL fitness levels, from total beginner to advanced.

It will give you…

  • A completely interactive experience. 
  • A personalized workout
  • Over 550 Unique Exercises, all in HD video format
  • A choice of music
  • The ability to synchronise your workout
  • Bluetooth Compatibility for speakers and heart-rate monitors


For Pole Dancers & Aerialists

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to learn pole dancing at home is with Online Pole Fitness Lessons.

Learning pole dancing at home using online lessons is perfect if you don’t have time to commit to a full course of pole dancing classes, or if there are no classes available in your local area.

Obviously, learning pole dancing online has a lack of real-time instruction and advice. You may not realise that your technique may be completely wrong, but there’s no one there to correct you. Repeatedly performing a move incorrectly can also lead to injuries and muscle strain over time, so try to seek advice from a professional instructor where ever possible and don’t attempt anything that doesn’t feel right.

There are some very high-quality online pole dancing lessons available right now, where the instructors go over each move in great detail, talk through technique and points of contact, explain common problems with different tricks and provide motivation through their instructions.

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Here are some of the range of online pole fitness lessons available at the moment:

Open Dance Academy

Open Dance Academy has over 450 online lessons, by some world famous pole dancing champions, such as Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville, Maddie Sparkle and more!

They currently offer:

  • Access to more than 450 high-quality video lessons with the lifetime access option ($350)
  • Excellent value for money when compared to the price of local pole dancing classes
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced & expert pole dancers
  • Their website works on mobiles, tablets and laptops
  • stress-free training environment that you can do in your own time. No driving, parking or stress.

Want to Learn Pole Dancing?

Open Dance Academy has over 450 online lessons, by some world famous pole dancing champions! Join now to get:

  • Access to more than 450 high-quality video lessons with the lifetime access option ($350)
  • Excellent value for money when compared to the price of local pole dancing classes
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced & expert pole dancers


Use the code polefitfreedom to get 10% off Pole Dancing Lessons with Open Dance Academy. This is an exclusive offer for readers of this blog!

Click Here

Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course

This course has over 130 online lessons, it’s currently on sale at $47 and that includes lifetime access to all lessons, so check it out it now before the price goes up again!


Studio Veena Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Studio Veena is one of the original and best online pole dancing lesson providers. Not only are the top-notch and detailed lessons available for members, there’s a huge and active community too. You can join the community without paying, use the link below for a 3-day free trial and see what Studio Veena has to offer.


Unlock your Hip Flexors

Here’s the truth: Most people don’t realize the cause of their problems is tight hip flexors. We’re not just talking about a bit of soreness; tight hip flexors are the root cause of many other problems. Tight hip flexors affect nearly everybody, but few realize the impact on your whole body.


Think of the hips as a barometer. The health and flexibility of your hip muscles are an indicator of the strength and health of our whole body.

This fitness program offers:

  • Exactly how to target those hard-to-reach muscles with detailed, step-by-step walk-through videos of every single Key Move (Rick’s simple, clear demonstration of these powerful moves will help them become second nature in no time).
  • The No.1 single most important element of human body posture and why your hips hold the key to peak performance (if this fails, your performance is drastically affected whether running, walking or even just standing).
  • The true impact of your body’s “Mighty Muscle” and how it is really affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual well being (you’ll be shocked how big an impact this has on your everyday life).


What are your favorite online workout programs? Let us know by leaving a comment below

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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