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Managing Long Hair When Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing With Long Hair

Last Updated on February 5, 2023

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Do you have long hair that gets in the way when you’re pole dancing? You’re not alone! This article is full of tips and advice on managing your long hair as a pole dancer.

I’m a long-haired pole dancer and – for the first 3 years of my pole journey – my hair was up in a messy bun or pony for all of my pole workout sessions.

This all changed when I had my first live performance.

I really wanted to have my long hair down and flowing for the entire performance, but my routine involved some big spins, inversions and drops and I had lots of concerns about my hair getting in the way, falling in front of my face and generally being chaotic on stage.

Any hair that’s longer than your shoulders has the potential to become annoying when you’re trying to focus on your pole tricks and flow.

If you’re in the same position as this, I’ve got some tips to share that will help you manage your long hair when you’re on the pole.

Hair Choreography

Your long hair is an asset that you can use – choreograph movement for your hair within your pole dancing routine!

Using your hair when pole dancing is sexy and contributes to the flow of the routine, it’s part of your body, so make it part of your performance.

Hair Flicks

Hair flicks are a classic pole dancing move that dancers of all levels can perform! The faster your ‘flick’ your hair, the more dramatic of an effect it creates.

At the end of a hair flick, use your chin to gently exaggerate the movement.

Hair flicks are great for doing in between moves, during floorwork or just because your hair is in your face!

Use Your Hands & Forearm To ‘Sweep’ Your Hair

You can use your hands to move your hair and choreograph this into your routines. Try running your fingers through your hair in a sensual or playful way, or use your forearm to sweep your hair off your forehead.

Forearm sweeps of the hair are an excellent sensual movement to use as a transition in between pole tricks.

Walk Around The Pole To Make Your Hair Flow

If your hair is falling in the wrong position or getting in your way, you can create extra flow and movement in your hair by walking around the pole, performing twirls and pirouettes as you go.

Walking around the pole
Image from The Art of Pole: Volume One

Keep Your Head Away From The Pole!

In some tricks, especially if you’re inverted in a split-grip hold, your lower arm may catch your hair in its grip. This will cause part of your hair to become trapped between your hand and the pole – which obviously we don’t want to happen!

Before placing your lower arm, if your hair is in the way then you may have to adjust your position slightly before settling into the pose.

Half-Up Half-Down Hair

My personal preference is for half-up half-down hair when pole dancing now. This way, my hair stays off my face when I’m spinning and inverting but still looks pretty as part of the flow. It also allows me to do hair flicks and transitional moves that include my hair.

I usually take the top section of my hair (about 1/3 of its overall thickness) and tie it back semi-tightly with a satin hair tie.

Other Practical Hairstyles For Pole Dancing

If your long hair is simply too inconvenient during pole dancing then fortunately it’s easy for you to tie it up out of the way.

Here are some classic hairstyles that are both practical and pretty for pole dancers:

  • Bun – this is a classic ‘dance’ hair style. You can have a tight bun or a loose bun, but the actual hair tie itself should be well secured or it might slip out during inversions!
  • Braids – this is extremely practical for pole dancing, braids keep your long hair off your face and braids are usually tight enough to not fall out or come loose during a workout session
  • Partial braids – a prettier version of ‘half-up half-down’ hair
Braided hairstyle

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Managing Long Hair When Pole Dancing: Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has been helpful for those of you with long hair, and that it has inspired you to find creative and practical solutions for managing your hair while pole dancing.

Whether it’s using hair ties, pins, or other accessories, or experimenting with different choreography, there are many ways to keep your hair out of the way and focus on your practice.

We also encourage you to be mindful of hygiene and safety when it comes to your hair and the studio space. By keeping your hair clean and well-groomed, and by properly disposing of hair ties and other debris, you can help create a clean and comfortable environment for yourself and others.

Happy Poling!

X Pole stage polefitfreedom
A snap from my first ever pole dancing show – a very long time ago!

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