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5 Ways to get into the Superman Pose

Pole Dance Superman Tips

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Superman (or Superwoman) is an intermediate-advanced pole dance trick. It is a beautiful, elegant and versatile trick to have in your range. It’s fairly unique in that not many pole tricks are performed horizontally with your hips facing down.

This trick requires grace, perfect timing/coordination, strong shoulders a strong core and a near-perfect technique. I’ve already mentioned that this is a fairly advanced trick to perform; you’ll need to be able to comfortably invert and grip the pole tightly with your thighs.

Do not attempt pole tricks which are too advanced for you. It takes time to build up strength, you can begin conditioning and preparing for these tricks in advance. Always have a spotter with you when learning a new trick.

Superman doesn’t have much room for error, if you slip and fall then you will face plant the floor!

When I first saw the Superman trick performed, I missed the bit where she actually got into it, so I thought it was impossible at first. I couldn’t imagine how it was physically possible to get your body in that position to start with!

These days, superman is one of my favorite staple tricks! I use it to end a lot of combinations, as it’s such a wide move, on a spinning pole it slows the spin right down. This makes it perfect for an ‘end’ to your combinations, which is good news because there are several different ways to perform the Superman pole dancing trick.

In terms of pain, it can be very sore for your inner thighs – it feels similar to a pole seat. however, as you get used to performing this pole dance trick, you’ll be able to find the ‘sweet spot’ on your leg where it doesn’t hurt as much!

From the Floor

When first starting to learn this trick, many pole dancers start from a ‘plank’ or ‘push-up’ position on the floor with the pole between their upper thighs.

From this position, you can work towards holding onto the pole with one arm and reaching out in front of you with the other. Because you’re so close to the floor, you have some extra stability using your hands, legs and toes.

Your top arm on the pole should be placed as high as possible. When you’ve got the pose, try to hold it for as long as possible.

From an Apprentice

Get yourself into the apprentice position, ensure your hands and legs are positioned correctly and hold this pose.

Your top leg and foot should be free to bend, but with your toes pointing up and your top hand roughly level with the back of your knee. Your hips will be tilted towards the pole.

It’s important that your hand isn’t trapped by your leg or vice versa.

Bend your top leg slowly, aiming to get your knee quite close to your face. Bring your head up slowly to meet your top knee, keeping both your hands in position.

This is where timing and good coordination come into play! You’ll need to turn your hips toward the pole, bring your top leg over, catch the pole on the right place with your leg, position your other leg, and push off the pole with your bottom hand within a very short space of time! You will need a spotter for this!

With your knee close to your face, you’re aiming to turn your hips over, as if you’re rolling over in bed with your knee as the driver.

Your top hand should stay in the same position, high above your hips.

As your hips turn over, aim to straight your top leg behind you (try crossing your ankles when you’re learning this for extra stability. At the same time, push your bottom hand off the pole into the classic ‘superman’ pose.

Tamsin Pole Portugal LifeBeginsWithTravel.Com
Tamsin of LifeBeginsWithTravel.com expertly performing a variation of an Apprentice here during her adventures in Portugal. Tamsin also recently wrote a guest blog for us – check it out!

From a Side ‘V’

This is actually very similar to an Apprentice, as your hands and hips are in a very similar position to start with.

To perform a superman from a Side ‘V’, use the same method as above by bringing your top knee to your nose then turning your hips in towards the pole.

You need to have the same timing and coordination skills as above, so this does take a bit of practice and needs a spotter at the start!

From a Side ‘V’, your legs are already straddled and straight, so this makes it slightly easier to land in a semi-comfortable position in your Superman.

One tip is to make sure your top leg is completely free to move and bend. This way, you can take your top leg entirely off the pole when you’re turning your hips, then catch the pole again on the way down. This makes it easier to find that ‘sweet spot’ on your inner pain where it hurts slightly less!

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From an Inverted Pole Seat

I personally find this an easier, but much scarier way of entering the Superman pose. You’ll need to be able to comfortable perform and hold an inverted pole seat before attempting this.

Entering the pose in this way usually results in a ‘flatter’ Superman pose. From a Side ‘V’ or Apprentice, your chest is usually higher than your toes, but from this way your torso and legs will be much straighter and flatter.

Pole Dance Superman Tips
This dancer has beautiful lines in this pose. You can bend one leg like this, or have straight (pike) legs or cross your ankles. All variations look nice,

As above, use a spotter when attempting this as there’s a moment of no return where you’ll either nail the trick or fall flat on your face.

So, hold your inverted pole seat position and straighten both your legs horizontally above your head. Aim for your toes to be pointed at the wall behind you.

Place your top arm as high as you can above your butt. It’s important to get a decent space between your body and your top hand. This gap will be smaller than if you’re entering Superman from a Side ‘V’ or ‘Apprentice’, but it should be significant enough to stop you from falling forward.

Once your hand is gripping the pole high enough and you’re ready, use your bottom hand to push off of the pole and guide your body into the horizontal Superman pose.

From a Hip Hold

This has a similar method to the inverted pole seat. You’ll put your top hand back on the pole after holding the hip hold pose and follow the steps above.

Please use a spotter when trying this!

As you prepare to push yourself away from the pole with your free hand and into the pose, bring your legs together in one swift movement – this takes some coordination and practice!

Superman, What Next?

Superman is actually a tricky one to get out of gracefully! You don’t want to flop and land awkwardly!

Here are some ideas for exiting a Superman elegantly:

  • Use your free hand to grab the pole behind your head into a crescent moon shape (you need to have a flexible back for this!)
  • As above, but Shoulder Mount yourself out!
  • Death drop into a Scorpio/inner leg hang
  • Lean back from the superman into an armpit hold

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As you can tell, these are fairly advanced combinations, so it important to condition your muscles carefully. Remember, these tricks and combinations take a lot of time and effort to perfect. Superman took me several months of practice before I was confident to do it alone.

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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