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What Not To Wear When Pole Dancing

What not to wear

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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There are tonnes of articles online about what you should wear at your pole dancing class or when practising pole dancing at home. But what about what you shouldn’t be wearing when pole dancing?! So, we decided to write this article on what not to wear and what’s not suitable for pole fitness!

In reality, you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Sure, you do need some skin on show to grip onto the pole, but I still teach students who wear long leggings or pants for some classes, forgoing the ability to perform certain tricks.

However, there are certain things that will hinder your ability to pole dance…

What Not To Wear When Pole Dancing

Here is a list of things to avoid at your next pole class or workout session…

1. Moisturizer

It goes without saying that moisturized smooth and silky skin isn’t going to hold up well against a shiny metal pole. Yet, this is still a regular mistake that people make. Even well-seasoned polers will show up at class freshly showered and moisturized “by mistake” and they get frustrated when they just can’t grip well enough.

However, moisturizer is pretty essential if you have dry skin. You should use moisturizer after a pole workout session to not compromise your grip ability.


2. Nail Extensions / False Nails

You may find that long nails or nail extensions will hinder your pole progress. If you’re a wearer of nail extensions then you’ll be super cautious about breaking them. It can be really painful to break a nail, just imagine if it were to happen when you’ve landed in a handstand and you need to be supporting your own body weight?

They’ll also dig into the palm of your hand when it’s wrapped around the pole and get in the way when performing tricks and spins. If you’re serious about pole dancing then you’ll need to keep your nails short and neat!

false nails

3. A Perfect Pedicure

The same goes for toenails, if you have beautifully painted toenails, then you’re probably going to ruin them at pole class. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve scraped my freshly painted toenails on the floor when landing a spin and it’s so frustrating.

You may just have to accept the fact that you’ll need to fix your nail polish more often if you’re a pole dancer 😉

4. Too Much Make-Up

Because you’ll only sweat it off anyway! Save the makeup for performances and photo shoots, go natural for classes and practice sessions!

5. Jewellery

Besides the fact that bracelets, necklaces and long earrings will get in the way of your spins and especially won’t help you during inverted tricks, they will also scratch the pole.

Rings and bracelets are a common cause of pole getting scratched at studios. Put your jewellery somewhere safe during class. A good studio will have lockers or somewhere secure to keep your belongings.


6. Floaty Tops

They fall over your head and cover your face when you flip upside down! The same goes for dresses! When I was new to pole dancing, I made the mistake of inverted wearing a floaty, summer top, and… it didn’t go so well when it was flapping over my eyes and I couldn’t see anything!

The number of women who make this mistake is unreal. Don’t be one of them! Wearing a fitted vest or t-shirt is best, even if it’s slightly loose – that’s OK but leave the floaty and pretty tops at home.

7. Glasses

At a pole class just last week, a student’s glasses flew off her face and broke on the floor when she threw herself upside down and she was so angry with herself.

If you wear glasses, you won’t feel them on your face, so it’s easy to forget to take them off. But, you need them to see?! It’s better to be safe than sorry – bring a beautiful glasses case to class to keep them safe when you’re learning new tricks (especially inverted tricks). New glasses can cost hundreds of dollars so it’s not worth having them fly off your face mid-spin.


8. Perfume

Many perfumes have ingredients that can erode the coating on the metal poles, eroding and damaging them over time.

Also, other people in your class may have an allergic reaction or be sensitive to one of the ingredients. Besides, being dowsed in perfume in a fitness environment isn’t ideal – so leave the perfume until after class!

Perfume bottles

9. Anything That Makes You Feel Uncomfortable!

Pole dancing is a wonderful exercise and art form that can do amazing things for your body and self-confidence so it’s important that you feel comfortable when you’re dancing/working out.

Wear clothes that feel right for you. 

Most pole classes are very welcoming, non-judgmental places who teach men and women of all body shapes and sizes every day. It’s a wonderfully supportive community so you really should try your best not to feel self-conscious when you’re at a pole fitness class.

Many women, in particular, are worried about wearing shorts and bearing their legs. Honestly, most people are pole classes are there to practice pole dancing and concentrate on their own progress, not judge what other people look like.

I’ve taught women who are self-conscious about birthmarks, unwanted tattoos, self-harm scars, stretch marks, cellulite, c-section scars and skin conditions. They always leave the class feeling better about themselves and their fellow students have been nothing but supportive.

You rock – always remember that!

So, that’s our list of what not to wear when you’re pole dancing. Share your pole dancing tips by leaving a comment below.

Happy Poling!

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