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17 Incredible Facts About Pole Dancing

17 Incredible Facts About Pole Dancing

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As a pole fitness instructor for over 12 years, I’d like to share with you some remarkable facts about pole dancing that I’ve learned over the years. Some of these will undoubtedly surprise you!

From building upper body strength to being gravity defying by its very nature, pole dancing has a multitude of physical and mental benefits that will leave you in awe.

Have you ever considered trying pole dancing for a workout? Well, get ready to be amazed because pole dancing is not just a seductive art form, it’s packed with incredible facts that’ll make you want to grab a pole and start spinning.

Let’s dive into some of the surprising benefits of pole dancing that you may not have known. So sit tight, grab a notepad and be ready to be wowed by the power of pole!

Get ready to expand your knowledge and be impressed by the true potential of pole dancing!

1. Modern Pole Dancing Originated From Sports That Are Over 800 Years Old

Pole dancing is an incredibly dynamic and physical art form that has become increasingly popular in recent years. But very few of us know that dancing on a pole actually has a long, rich and cultural history that spans over 800 years.

Modern pole dancing can trace its roots back to two major dance forms – Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole – both of which were originally performed by men.

Throughout the past 200 years, pole dancing found its way into circus sideshows, gentleman’s clubs, erotic entertainment and creeped its way into mainstream fitness.

It’s not unusual to see a pole dancing pole in a gym these days!

2. Pole Fitness Was Originally Performed By Men

Now that you know where pole dancing comes from, would you have thought that the sultry and seductive moves of pole fitness would have such a surprising origin story?

Pole fitness was originally performed by men.

Over time, pole fitness evolved into a unique blend of dance, gymnastics, and strength training, with women taking the lead in popularizing it as a form of fitness and self-expression through sensual movement.

3. There Are Growing Calls To Make Pole Dancing An Olympic Sport

There are growing calls from pole fitness enthusiasts and advocates to make pole dancing an Olympic sport.

Pole fitness is a truly physically demanding and highly skilled discipline that requires strength, flexibility, coordination, and grace.

It also challenges gender norms and empowers individuals, making it a sport that represents more than just physical prowess.

As pole dancing gains popularity and recognition, supporters are lobbying for it to be considered for inclusion in the Olympic Games. With hundreds of pole dancing competitions around the world setting high standards, the case for pole dancing as an Olympic sport is becoming stronger every day.

So keep your eye on the pole, because you never know when this dynamic and empowering sport will make its Olympic debut!

4. Millions Of People Have Taken Pole Dancing Lessons

Millions of people across the globe have swapped their boring gym routines for the spins and inversions of pole fitness.

And it’s no wonder – pole dancing combines physical exercise with artistry, creativity, and a healthy dose of confidence-boosting fun.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, build strength, or just try something new, pole dancing has something to offer everyone.

And the benefits go beyond just physical health. Pole dancing has been shown to improve mental health, boost self-esteem, and challenge gender norms. It’s no wonder that so many people have embraced this dynamic and empowering workout.

So why not join the millions of people who have already discovered the joys of pole dancing? Grab hold of that pole, and get ready to unleash your inner goddess.

5. Pole Dancing Poles Installed At Home Are More Common Than You’d Think.

Gone are the days of searching for a local studio offering lessons for a pole dancing workout.

These days, more and more people are opting to bring the fun and benefits of pole fitness right into their homes. That’s right – home pole dancing poles are more common than you’d think!

With the rise in popularity of pole dancing and the convenience of online shopping, it’s never been easier to install a pole right in your own living room.

I was too excited to install my pole even before taking proper photos of the process – d’oh!

Modern dance poles have extremely sturdy construction, adjustable height options, and compatibility with a range of ceiling types.

Worried about ceiling damage? Try a freestanding dance pole!

So why not join the growing ranks of pole fitness enthusiasts who have taken their workout to the next level with a home pole?


6. There Are Dozens Of Pole Fitness Competitions And Championships All Over The World.

Pole fitness is no longer just a workout – it’s a competitive sport.

From local events to international championships, pole fitness competitions are taking the world by storm.

With each year that passes, the standard of pole performance continues to soar, pushing the limits of what is possible and thrilling audiences everywhere.

Dozens of pole fitness competitions and championships are held all over the world, showcasing the incredible strength, grace, and artistry of pole dancers from every corner of the globe.

There are different levels at pole dance competitions – such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and instructor. You can enter in the level that’s most suited to your current skills.

So if you’re ready to take your pole fitness to the next level, why not start by checking out the pole competitions happening near you?

Who knows, you may just find yourself on the podium, collecting your prize and basking in the applause of a packed crowd.

7. Pole Is An Addiction.

Pole dancing has the power to be habit-forming and addictive, in a good way!

It’s more than just a physical activity – it’s an outlet for self-expression and creativity.

And it’s so so so common to truly yearn to move up a level!

A great pole dancer is one who can push their physical boundaries while simultaneously having an inner dialogue of self-reflection, allowing them to make leaps in personal growth.

From learning new moves and seeing tangible results from your hard work, to feeling empowered by increased confidence and self love; pole dancing is much more than getting fit – it’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

Street pole dancing: a woman performs a #poledancing trick on a street sign in the middle of the road. #PoleFitness

8. Pole Dancers Allegedly Enjoy A Better, Healthier Sex Life

Many pole dancers report that their experience with the art form has improved their overall sex life.

From increased body confidence, to greater muscle strength and flexibility, an improved ability to communicate with partners, and learning how to move in way that is enticing and playful – pole dancing can help bring a deeper level of intimacy into a relationship.

For anyone looking to spice up their sex life (in a healthy way!), pole dancing might just be the answer!

However, there are some negatives involved as well – such as bruising and jealousy.

Learn more about the impact of pole dancing on your sex life.

9. Pole Dancing Burns 280 Calories In One Hour Session

A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that pole dancing has a impressive METs* value of 4.6, meaning you can burn a whopping 281.6 calories in just one hour of class.

That’s on par with the calorie burn from a high-intensity body pump class or a brisk 25-minute run.

To get these findings, researchers from the University of Western Australia and Auckland University of Technology tested 14 female pole dancers during three 60-minute standard classes.

The results showed an average oxygen consumption of 16.0 ml/kg/min and a calorie burn of 4.7 per minute.

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent of Task. It’s like a way to count how much energy your body uses when you are playing, running or doing any kind of exercise. Imagine you have an energy bank in your body, and when you play or run, you spend some of that energy.

The MET helps to measure how much energy you are spending, and the higher the MET number, the more energy you are using. So if you do an exercise with a high MET, it means your body is working hard and you are burning a lot of energy!

10. Pole Fitness Is Empowering Performers To Push Boundaries

Pole fitness is providing performers with the opportunity to push boundaries in entirely new ways.

From breaking boundaries within themselves, and challenging preconceived ideas on what a person can do with their body and strength, to also pushing social boundaries around body image and self-expression – pole fitness is much more than an exercise program.

The sense of accomplishment you get from pole dancing is different to other sports – there really is a special feeling when you nail your nemesis move, or finally get that combo you’ve been trying for months.

Also – pole fitness tricks are constantly pushing the limits. Tricks that were considered ‘advanced’ 3-4 years ago are ‘intermediate’ these days.

11. Pole Dancing Was Once Performed As A Circus Side Show

In the late 1800s, pole dancing was performed circuses and traveling shows, particularly sideshows.

At the time, dancers in these shows were often made up of Ghawazi dancers who were performers from Egypt.

The performers would use a tall metal pole as a prop to perform acrobatic and gymnastic feats, while also incorporating provocative and sensual dance moves.

By the 1920s, dancers would entice paying customers into shows by dancing sexually or gyrating their bodies against the pole.

Due to the sexual nature of the dancer’s movements, pole dancing and burlesque shows were often combined, before making the natural move from circus tents into bars.

Pole dancing was a popular form of entertainment in traveling circuses in the USA and was often performed in a separate tent known as the “spicy” or “burlesque” show.

12. Some Dance Poles Spin, Some Do Not. Each Type Of Pole Needs A Different Technique

Pole dancing can take many different forms, and each of them requires their own technique to be mastered. While some poles don’t move at all (known as ‘static’ poles, others spin freely – allowing for a more dynamic performance but also a greater challenge.

If you’re new to pole dancing, or you’ve recently started to learn, then you’ll probably have noticed that there are static dance poles, which are fixed and don’t spin; then there are spinning poles, which spin by themselves.

Many portable and freestanding dance poles can be changed between static and spin modes in a few seconds, such as the X Pole XPERT which is the best portable dance pole available.

Many people who are uninitiated into the world of pole dancing are under the impression that pole dancing with a spinning pole is “cheating” – this is far from the truth! It’s actually very difficult to perform, dance or workout with a spinning pole.

Those who refer to it as “cheating” do not know what they’re talking about!

13. Advanced Pole Tricks Require Superhuman Levels Of Strength, Agility And Flexibility

Pole dancing is no easy feat – advanced pole tricks require superhuman levels of strength, agility and flexibility.

From breath-taking handstands to incredible inversions and even more complex combos, the opportunities for what one can do on the pole are almost limitless.

Here I am, performing the “superman” move

But with those limitless possibilities come an even greater need for precision and control. It takes years of practice and dedication to master movements such as these!

Pole dancing is an incredibly challenging physical activity that can transform you into a superhero of strength, flexibility, balance, and grace – if you’re willing to put in the effort.

14. The Skimpy Outfits Are NOT Optional – Skin Is Essential For Gripping The Pole

While skimpy outfits may seem like an optional part of pole dancing, in reality, wearing less is actually integral for mastering the techniques needed to be successful.

This is because having as much skin exposed as possible allows dancers to be able to grip the pole better and perform more daring tricks.

While it’s not a requirement to go bare all the way (many dancers wear shorts, crop tops, and other pieces that still provide enough exposure to grip), having your legs exposed is essential for taking pole dancing to the next level.

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15. Pole Dance Classes Are Not Particularly Sexy

Contrary to popular belief, pole dance classes are not all about sensuality and sex appeal.

Yes, the activity can be incredibly sensual and invigorating, but it’s also an incredibly empowering form of exercise that requires hard work and dedication.

Walking into a pole dancing class is not a sexual awakening! There are sweaty people, clumsy people and bruises galore!

Instead of focusing solely on being sexy or doing “tricks” (as some classes suggest), most professional pole dance classes involve a well-rounded workout that incorporates technique with cardio, strength training and flexibility exercises.

In addition to this, many studios provide a safe space for their students to explore their bodies and develop confidence in a judgement-free environment.

Ultimately, pole dance classes are about creating community and physical transformation – in other words, it’s way more than just getting sexy on the pole!

16. It Can Be Incredibly Painful

Many people believe that pole dancing is a form of exercise that’s “easy peasy,” but in reality, it can be incredibly painful.

All the stretching and gripping of the pole requires strength and conditioning that isn’t found in any other type of workout – and it leads to some serious muscle aches! And bruising! And friction burns!

That being said, embracing the discomfort during lessons is key for progress in pole dancing.

With the right technique and mindset, this pain can turn into pleasure as you continue to learn more tricks.

Leg bruise from pole dancing
I don’t even know how these bruises appeared in this pattern after one pole class.

By pushing through any temporary discomfort, you’ll eventually develop a tolerance for more difficult moves – which will ultimately result in better performance on the pole.

So grit your teeth, grin through the pain and stay focused on your higher goal!

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17. Pole Fitness Is An Extremely Rewarding Sport With An Amazingly Supportive Community

Pole fitness has quickly risen in popularity as an incredible way to stay fit and gain strength, while having a ton of fun. It’s also one of the most rewarding sports out there – which is why it has such an amazingly supportive community.

By joining together virtually or in person with like-minded pole enthusiasts, you can get tons of advice on difficult moves and progress faster than ever before.

This support network is essential for helping students reach their goals and excel in the sport. What’s even better is that everyone can participate, no matter their level or experience!

So if you’re looking for a fun workout with a really positive atmosphere and great friends, pole fitness could be the perfect fit for you.

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, pole dancing is a sport with a rich history. It’s an exceptional workout that boasts an array of physical and mental benefits.

From enhancing upper body strength to providing a low-impact exercise, pole dancing is a perfect way to challenge yourself while having fun.

So, what’s holding you back?

Take the leap and try pole dancing today!

This dynamic form of fitness blends strength, elegance, and art to create a one-of-a-kind workout experience. With each spin, you’ll feel a rush of empowerment and inspiration. Unleash your inner dancer and discover the magic of pole dancing for yourself!

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