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All About Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic Pole Dance

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If you’re looking to add a little spice to your pole dancing routine, then you’ve come to the right place. Exotic pole dancing is all about embracing your sensuality and letting your body move sensually to music.

It’s a fun and empowering form of dance that’s perfect for those who want to add a little extra sizzle to their performance. So, are you ready to unleash your inner seductress and try something new?

Whether it’s for a boost in confidence or for something unexpected and daring, exotic pole dancing could be just the thing you’re looking for!

This popular form of dance is empowering, physically challenging, and incredibly fun. Keep reading to discover all the exciting benefits of this activity.

What Exactly Is Exotic Pole Dancing?

Exotic pole dance is a form of pole dancing that incorporates elements of sensuality, making it a more provocative and alluring style.

It requires a strong foundation in the traditional techniques of pole dancing, including strength, endurance, and skill.

One of the key aspects of exotic pole dance is the use of music. Exotic pole dancers must have a strong understanding of dance and be able to seamlessly blend pole moves with their dance moves to create a captivating performance.

The fluidity and coordination of the routines must be in harmony with the beat and rhythm of the music, elevating the overall performance.

In addition to being physically demanding, exotic pole dance also requires a level of confidence and sex appeal, as the sensual element of the performance is a crucial component.

It’s more than the movement – it’s about eye contact and building an unspoken bond with your audience.

Exotic Pole Dancing vs. Pole Fitness

Exotic pole dancing contains more sensual movements and overall exotic flow than contemporary pole dance or pole fitness.

Here are a few of the major differences you’ll notice:

More Floorwork

The choreography used in exotic pole dance almost always includes some type of floor work. This could be anything from crawling and rolling to sliding and spinning – all moves that add a unique element to your performance. Plus, since it requires you to be so close to the ground, it builds strength and grace as you practice.

Stripper shoes

Don’t be fooled, although exotic pole dancers may make it look easy to walk in stripper shoes, dancing in ultra-high heels is certainly no walk in the park!

Of course, these incredibly high heeled shoes also add a unique touch of sensuality and confidence to an exotic pole dance routine.

But that extra boost of glamour comes at a cost: mastering the art of dancing in such high heels requires dedication and practice.

However, with hard work and determination, you can strut your stuff on the pole like a true professional. Your audience will be mesmerized by your exotic moves and ultra-high shoes!

Focus on Sensual Movement and Flow

Of all the elements that go into creating an exciting exotic pole dance routine, none is more important than focusing on sensual movement and flow.

By honing in on your movements, you’ll be able to create a captivating performance that will draw in your audience and make them feel something unique.

What makes exotic pole dancing so special is its ability to combine strength, grace, confidence and sensuality all in one.

As a dancer, you can reinforce these qualities as you focus on sensual movement and incorporate slow, controlled transitions between moves.

Every spin and slide should look effortless and graceful; like the movements were designed just for you!

8 Reasons to Try Exotic Pole Dancing

Exotic pole dancing is an exciting way to get fit and explore your femininity in a daring and sexy way.

If you’re looking for something new, fun, and challenging to do, then exotic pole dancing may just be the perfect activity for you.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should give this sensual form of dance a try!

1. Unleash Your Sexual Expression

Exotic pole dancing allows you to express yourself in a unique way that can’t be found anywhere else. You become one with the music and truly show off who you are when you dance.

2. You’ll Get Stronger & Fitter 

The strength it takes to pull of various pole moves is something that cannot be found through any other exercise regime. In order to look graceful and expressive, dancers need to have immense upper body strength and toned muscles throughout their bodies.

3. Improved Balance & Coordination

Movements used in exotic pole dancing such as graceful spinning around the pole and floorwork requires an awareness of where your body is in space at all times — which leads to improved balance and coordination over time!

4. Boosted Confidence

Not only does pole dancing require great physical strength, but also demands a lot of mental focus as well — which helps increase confidence in both yourself and your movements on the pole!

5. Improved Sex Life

While there’s no definitive research that shows a correlation between pole dancing and an improved sex life, many dancers report feeling more confident and empowered in their own bodies after taking up dance.

With this confidence comes the potential for a more enjoyable sexual experience as it may allow for improved communication with a partner, increased body awareness, and better performance overall.

Plus, exotic pole dancing involves complex movement sequences that require both physical and mental strength — which leads to improved fitness levels that can help spice things up in the bedroom!

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6. Better Self-Awareness

Sensual movement can help to improve self-awareness in a number of ways.

Learning how to move sensually and gracefully helps dancers to become more in tune with their bodies and better understand their physical limits. Increased body awareness helps dancers become more confident with their movements, allowing for greater exploration of different pole moves and more freedom of expression when dancing.

Sensual movement also allows for increased connection with music, which leads to improved emotional awareness as well—allowing pole dancers to really embody the feelings they experience while moving to the same beat.

7. Self-Empowerment

Embracing your own body’s natural sensual movement and flow is so empowering! You’ll never know if you don’t try!

Have fun! – Pole dancing is a great way to let loose and have fun with your friends! There’s no downside to having a good time, so why not take this opportunity to give exotic pole dancing a try?

8. A Chance to be Creative with Music & Outfits

The great thing about the exotic side of pole dancing is the performance aspect! It’s a great opportunity to try out new music styles or exotic outfits.

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Exotic pole dancing is an activity unlike any other!

By mastering daring and risqué moves, you will build strength and flexibility, improve your posture and gain a newfound confidence.

Whether it’s for yourself or for the bedroom, this activity can provide an incredible boost.

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