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Alternative Ideas for your Lil Mynx Pole Ceiling Mount

Lil Mynx Pole Ceiling Mount - Lil Mynx Pole Hook Alternative Ideas

Last Updated on December 16, 2022

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So, you have a Lil Mynx pro removable dance pole and it’s been installed with the ceiling mount. That’s great!

The ceiling mount gives the pole more stability for supporting a side-bearing load, but what if you’ve moved the pole for some reason, or decided to use the friction pad instead?

This article will discuss some alternative ideas for your Lil Mynx Pole Ceiling Mount.

Maybe you have a new Pole, or you’ve simply moved into a home that used to have one of these Lil Mynx Poles installed.

Either way, you’re now left with a random hook hanging from your ceiling! It looks a bit like a butcher’s meat hook when it just hangs there, pole-less, from the ceiling without any purpose.

Instead of removing it, which will cause even more damage to your ceiling, why not leave it up there and give it a new purpose in your home?

Lil Mynx Pole Hook
Sorry for the blurriness, I had to zoom and crop a lot!

Lil Mynx’s unique ceiling mount works in combination with a threaded compression system and rubber feet on the pole’s base hold the pole in place.

When you’re not using the pole, here are five alternative uses for your Lil Mynx Removable Pro Pole Ceiling Hook Mount

Let’s make this meat hook into something pretty…

Lil Mynx Dance Pole Mount Hook Ideas
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Plant Hanger

This hook is designed to support s lot of weight, so it’s perfect for hanging plant or flower baskets from.

It can support really heavy hanging plant pots with lovely trailing branches. House plants are a great addition to your home as they help keep the air clean.

Why not be different and hang your plants in your front room?!

Hanging Basket

Wind Chimes

If you like to relax, hang wind chimes from your Lil Mynx ceiling mount for some peaceful and soothing sounds. I personally love wind chimes, hopefully your pole hook is somewhere near an open window or other breezy location so you can make the most of this idea!

Hanging Basket

Hanging Cat Basket

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll know that cats love to sleep in unusual places! I used to have a hanging basket hanging from my skylight window frame and the cat would sleep in it! So, I bought a hanging cat basket, and my cat never slept there. Standard.

laddawan Macramé Hanging Cat Hammock - Cat Bed Indoor Cat
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Mobile Sculpture

These are not just for babies’ cribs! Mobiles makes a beautiful decoration for your lounge, bedroom or kitchen. You could even make your own if you’re creative!

Saar Angel Mobile Made From Paper - Angels And Hearts
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Hanging Clothes

Maybe not a permanent solution to a storage problem! I like to hang outfits on my pole hook when I’m trying things on, or if something is creased and I want it to hang for a little while before wearing it.


What do you use your Lil Mynx Pole Ceiling Mount for when your pole isn’t up? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Happy Poling!

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