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A List of Pole Dancing Celebrities!

Pole dancing celebrities

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

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Pole dancing for fitness and fun is more popular now than it ever has been and its popularity, of course, extends to celebrities.

Many famous people and well-known celebrities from A-listers to Z-listers and social media influencers have publicly expressed their love for pole dancing.

This article is a list of celebrities who have spoken about their positive pole dancing experiences in the media or shared their pole fitness photos online.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence exposed herself as a pole dance enthusiast when a video on her showing off her drunken pole skills hit the internet. She famously refused to apologize for it too – good for her! Needless to say, Jennifer looked absolutely hot af on the pole and her moves were on point, even with alcohol.


Well, of course Madonna’s tried pole dancing, that goes without saying right? There’s never a fitness trend that Madonna isn’t well ahead of!

Also, Madonna being Madonna, she’s singing while dancing fully clothed on a spinning cross. Typical.


It’s well-known that Shakira has a background in belly-dancing, so the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer is no stranger to exotic dancing.

Shakira pole danced in her music video to Rabiosa – the Spanish word for Rabid – excellently performing the box splits, like a true professional. Those hips definitely don’t lie.

Jennifer Aniston

Best known for her role as ‘Rachel’ in Friends, Jennifer Aniston has also leapt onto the pole dancing celebrities bandwagon. Having played the role of stripper in the 2015 move ‘We’re the Millers’, Jen has revealed she now owns her own dance pole. She’s also revealed that she’s had one installed at home and uses it to workout! Go Jen!

Kim Kardashian

Thanks to Kardashian and Co living very open lives, the public pretty know their every move. Kim, Kris Jenner & Kylie’s pole dancing class was televised in 2014 as part of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Of course, she looked hot. They all looked hot.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is a glamor model who also has her own range of dance poles for use at home. However, these are just ‘toy’ poles and aren’t designed for proper workouts, climbs or inversions! So, don’t get tempted to buy one! Get an X Pole instead!

Britney Spears

It’s also been reported that Britney Spears has taken to pole dancing as a hobby. She also famously uses the pole in her Vegas show.

Demi Moore

If you’ve seen Striptease, then you’ll already know this. You’ll also already know how effing hot Demi is when she’s pole dancing in Striptease.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, our favorite Harry Potter star has also publicly demonstrated her pole dancing skills!

And finally, just for good measure, here’s our favorite Harry Potter pole dance on YouTube! Sadly it’s not Emma Watson, but she has amazing skills and it’s a beautifully produced video! (video no longer available)

Happy poling!

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