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Girl Power Pole Dancing Playlist – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day Pole Dancing Playlist
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Are you constantly looking for new and different songs for your pole dance routines? Are you also fed up with the same old songs being played in pole studios and clubs around the country? This week, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with our #RoutineFun Playlist!

We’ve put together this list of empowering songs by female singers for your next pole dance routine. In celebration of International Women’s Day, these songs will give you some creative inspiration to add some new tricks to your next pole dance routine.

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Girl Power Pole Dancing Playlist – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day Pole Dancing Playlist

Let’s start this International Women’s Day Playlist with…

1. Beyoncé – Halo

Well, of course, Beyoncé is the first singer on this list. Beyoncé is an inspiration for modern women, and this song – Halo – is perfect for an emotional pole dance routine.

Disclaimer – this may not be the only Beyoncé song on this list. #SorryNotSorry

2. TLC – Waterfalls

A 1990s girl power classic by T-Bone, Left Eye and Chili. Always great to reminisce about your younger days during your workout sessions!

3. Mariah Carey – Can’t Take That Away

Didn’t pick the obvious Mariah choices for this one, instead, we picked this beautiful ballad for a dramatic pole dance routine.

4. Ariana Grande – One Last Time

Let’s all give it up for this wonderful young woman!

5. Beyoncé – Run the World (Girls)

We did warn you that there was more than one Beyoncé song on this list… What International Women’s Day List would be complete without this girl power anthem?

6. Rihanna – Work

Embrace the heart and soul of the Caribbean Islands with this classic from Rihanna – perfect for pole dancing, Rihanna never fails to impress.

7. Janis Joplin – Piece of my Heart

RIP Janis – what a soulful voice this woman had. This psychedelic rock classic is great for rocking out with some energetic choreography.

8. Melanie C – Goin’ Down

She’s a Spice Girl, and therefore she oozes girl power.

9. Beyoncé – Listen

Uh, yeah, here’s some more Beyoncé for your listening pleasure. Seriously though, this woman makes some great songs for pole dancing, this ballad, in particular, is just perfect.

10. Lucie Silvas – What You’re Made Of

This song is not so well known, but it’s a beautiful song to use for storytelling choreography.

11. Adele – Skyfall

Just love this song, and love Adele – she’s managed to write a stunning original Bond Theme, while

paying homage to great Bond themes of the past too.

12. Lorde – Perfect Places

Lorde is another incredibly talented young woman.

13. En Vogue – Don’t Let Go

Another perfect 90s classic song for pole dancing. Remember to Let Go 😉

14. No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Gwen Stefani may be imitating Madonna in this video here, but she sure can hold her own. Sticking with the 90s running streak, this song should bring back some memories for you.

15. Gabrielle – Out of Reach

Another ballad with a sweet melody, making it perfect for storytelling and choreography.

16. Madonna – Frozen

Back when Madonna looked like this… This gothic style really suits her!

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International Women's Day Pole Dancing Playlist

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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