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10 Psychedelic Rock Songs Perfect For Trippy & Imaginative Pole Dance Routines

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Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Are you constantly looking for new and different songs for your pole dance routines? Are you also fed up with the same old songs being played in pole studios and clubs around the country?

We’ve put together this list of trippy and psychedelic rock songs for pole dance routines to give you some inspiration. These songs will give you some creative inspiration to add some storytelling – and maybe a touch of weirdness – to your next pole dance routine!

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Sometimes, you just want to rock out! If you love rock music and weirdness, this list is for you!

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10 Psychedelic Rock Songs for Pole Dance Routines

Here’s our playlist of 10 trippy tunes! Hope you enjoy responsibly 🙂

1. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

This list wouldn’t be complete without this psychedelic classic by Jefferson Airplane. Grace Slick has mesmerizing vocals over this haunting psychedelic tune, which is perfect for pole dancing.

2. Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love

Getting a bit more upbeat with this one, you can really rock out on the pole with this trippy psychedelic rock anthem.

3. Jimmy Hendrix – Purple Haze

Another song that this list would not be complete without! Again, you can really rock out to this, with plenty of opportunities to throw in some epic drops and hair flicks into your pole dance routines!

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4. Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida

This song has some insane riffs to freestyle along with!

5. Janis Joplin – Piece Of My Heart

Go wild with a bit of Janis 🙂

6. Jefferson Airplane – High Flying Bird

I’ve personally choreographed two routines to this song and it’s my favorite to dance to, it has a hypnotic melody and more of Grace Slick’s beautiful vocals.

7. Big Brother & The Holding Company – Ball & Chain

Sorry, couldn’t resist adding a second Janis song to the list, besides, she is the queen of psychedelic rock!

8. Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

Now this is super-slow and hypnotic. The song is actually about a dominatrix/BDSM situation, so you can have a lot of fun with your creativity along with this song!

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9. Jimmy Hendrix – Red House

More Hendrix. Enough said!

10. The Black Keys – Weight Of Love

This is the most modern song on the list, it features an incredible psychedelic and trippy riff in the middle of the song, which you could create absolutely beautiful routines to.

What Are Your Favorite Psychedelic Rock or Trippy Songs For Pole Dancing?

Leave a comment below with your favorite pole dance routine songs, and don’t forget to check out more playlists of songs for pole dancing routines here!

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Happy Poling!

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