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Off-Topic: 7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Makeup

Stop wearing makeup
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Five months ago I decided to stop wearing makeup.

I didn’t wear heavy makeup anyway so it wasn’t a major decision that took much deliberation seeing as I woke up one day (apparently in a room with good lighting) and I just thought “Hey, I look good enough without makeup today!” and this putting-on-my-face ritual has all but disappeared from my morning routine. I rarely wear makeup at all now, I have done on the odd occasion such as going to a wedding or attending an award ceremony.

I’m certainly not against wearing makeup or people who decide to wear it every day. In fact, I still think makeup is incredible – just look at my Pinterest. Glitter is beautiful. Eyeliner flicks are so amazing. Makeup artists are such talented people and all of the eye makeup with the stunning, intricate and glittery designs are just incredible; but everyday makeup is not for me.

Here is what you will realise when you stop being a slave to wearing a full face of makeup on a daily basis:

7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Make-Up

 Reasons to stop wearing makeup

This article is slightly off-topic, considering that this is a pole dancing blog! But, I’m sure that a lot of our readers can relate to this subject, so we hope you enjoy this article.

1. You Probably Don’t Need to Wear Makeup Anyway

If you’re under 35: you definitely don’t need to wear makeup. If you’re over 35: you still probably don’t need to wear it either! It’s not a necessity but so many women (and men) spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every year on cosmetic and beauty products. Sure, some of these are essential – such as soap, moisturiser, sun cream etc. But makeup is something that you do not need to buy or use because you are already beautiful!

It’s important to love your natural self. Part of the reason I wore makeup was to hide some of my perceived physical flaws, my imperfections. I thought that my skin tone was uneven. I thought that my eyes were too small and needed black eyeliner to make them ‘pop’.  My cheekbones were not defined enough, my face was an awkward shape and 2. that my lips were too thin… I could go on…

By wearing makeup you are likely to be scrutinising yourself further. Those magnifying mirrors designed to assist in applying makeup are evil. Pure evil.

When you stop wearing makeup, you will realise that you’re absolutely fine the way you are naturally, better in fact! You may not realise it now, it may take a few weeks, but it will happen.

2. It Actually Feels Disgusting to Wear Makeup

Woman with Clear skin

When you’ve gone a few days without an array of creams and powders caked onto your face you will realise this.

As pretty as it looks at first, it feels absolutely horrible after a few hours of wearing a face full of makeup (especially if you get sweaty or on a hot/humid day). If you want your face to stay perfect then you’ll probably end up doing regular touch-ups too.

After a couple of months of makeup abstinence, I did make an effort with a small amount of make-up for an occasion that was worthy of it – I dusted off my BB cream, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, mascara – the whole lot; an hour into the evening and I regretted it.

As I was so used to not wearing any for so long, my face felt strangely delicate almost as if I shouldn’t move too much in case my long hair gets blown into my face and I’ll have to touch my face to move it out of the way.

My eyes felt dry, the two coats of mascara that coated my lashes made my eyes feel heavy and gave me a false sense of tiredness. It felt like my skin couldn’t breathe and I actually could not wait to get home and wipe it all off! The moment I did and it felt like my skin could breathe again!

When you stop wearing makeup, you will get used to the feeling of natural skin without the horrible heavy feeling that comes from wearing makeup.

3. Your Skin will Look and Feel Healthier

Putting makeup on every day is probably not very good for your face. The minute that you stop wearing makeup, your skin will thank you for it.

Did you know that most makeup has an expiry date?

Well, it does! You can safely keep powders (such as bronzer or eyeshadows) for a long time but liquids should usually be replaced after 6-12 months, that’s if it hasn’t already run out by then.

Look out for the symbol on the side of the bottle/packet: it’s a small picture of a pot with an open lid and a number in the middle – this is the recommended number of months you should keep this product for after opening it.

If it says 24 then it’s recommended to only use this product for 24 months once it has been opened. Most people probably ignore this, to be honest, I’ve certainly ignored it when it came to things like creams or foundations – but never for mascara! Most mascaras will have a ‘6’ inside that little expiry symbol and I’m definitely not risking getting an eye infection – which can happen by using a mascara wand.

Makeup brushes are also supposed to be washed regularly (oops…) and for a good reason: they are full of bacteria. Bacteria that you are spreading onto your face. Mmmm face bacteria. No thank you.

Make Up Brushes
You should wash your makeup brushes as often as you can, as they harbor a lot of bacteria

It’s also great not having to remove all that makeup every evening too. I swear sometimes I used to rub my face so hard with the makeup wipe that I would make my skin red and I was also possibly pulling my eyelashes out in the process too (ouch).

When you’ve given up on makeup, your pores won’t get clogged and your skin will be clearer and healthier. You’ll also get fewer blemishes!

4. Getting Ready Will Take No Time at All Once You Stop Wearing Makeup

Stop wearing makeup: Get ready faster! Woman doing her hair in the mirror

Your time is so valuable! How would you like longer in bed every morning? Does that sound good to you? Well, it does to me! No makeup means less time before work faffing around making weird shapes with your mouth while leaning into the mirror. You will definitely appreciate the extra time. If sleeping for slightly longer isn’t really your thing then perhaps think about what else you could be doing with your time: exercise, yoga, preparing a healthy breakfast…

When I was 16 I used to put aside about 30 minutes and actually wake up earlier (what?!) to do my makeup every day. Seriously – sitting at the mirror for half an hour every morning before school or work to apply makeup is ridiculous. 16-year-old Tamsin was ridiculous.

You’ll have more time to spend with your friends instead of slaving away in front of a mirror.

5. Being Able to Touch Your Face Without Consulting a Mirror is Awesome

Having the ability to freely rub your eyes when you’re feeling tired, or splash your face with cold water without the fear of getting a streaky face is amazing. This is probably my favourite thing about not wearing makeup.

6. You will have More Space in Your Bag

Stop wearing makeup to have more room in your bag. A ladies handbag with its contents: sunglasses, a camera, and a notebook

As I said earlier – after a few hours of wearing makeup you’ll probably want to reapply some of it so that means carrying extra cosmetic products around with you. If you stop wearing makeup all the time then yay – one less thing to carry!

It’s been great not having to carry around a makeup bag every day because I often have to carry equipment around while at work. I’m also so used to packing/traveling light – if I can shed any additional weight from my everyday bag then, that’s a plus too.

Stop lugging around your makeup bag and lighten your load!

7. You will Save Money by Not Having to Buy Makeup

Person putting a coin into a piggy bank

Ah, money. Money is so precious when you’re saving for something big. A decent mascara costs anywhere between $15 – $60 (I’m sure there are fancy designer makeup brands probably costing a lot more than this) and if you use it every day will probably last about 2-3 months. Don’t get me wrong – some of the products do last for ages, especially eyeshadow powders – I’ve had some pots of powder eyeshadow pigments for 10+ years and they’re still practically full.

Just think about what else you could be spending your money on… traveling, pole dancing lessons, new clothes, or something completely different which will give you an incredible experience.

Spend money on what you love, instead of looking good for the benefit of others.

Do you wear makeup or are you another bare-faced human? Leave a comment to share your story or join the conversation.

*If you are getting rid of any makeup products or empty bottles, please make sure you recycle them! Some shops have the facility to recycle or reuse makeup containers so always check before putting them in the trash.

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