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10 Things Beginner Pole Dancers Need to Know

10 Things all beginner pole dancers should know

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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So, you’ve just booked into your first pole dancing lesson! Congratulations! You’re about to learn a wonderfully athletic and gymnastic activity, become part of a great community and see your body do things you never thought possible before!

Welcome to the world of pole dancing for fitness and fun!

As a beginner, you’ll suddenly have a lot of new things in your life to think about, from clothing, to grip products, to remembering the names of moves! We are here to help you along your pole fitness journey.

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Things that All Beginner Pole Dancers Should Know

1. Pole Dancing Classes are Very Welcoming Places

The moment you step into a pole dancing community is when you will feel at home.

There is little to no judgement whatsoever, pole dancing is a very inclusive sport suitable for many different people. The pole dance community is very accepting; it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, your fellow pole dancers will always make you feel welcome.

Everyone is welcome at a pole class, especially this kitten!

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2. You WILL be Aching After Your First Class

That’s right. You will ache. Probably quite a lot. I actually felt as if I had been in a car accident after my first lesson! I couldn’t even open my heavy front door or carry my bag without feeling the burn!

Luckily, each lesson will ache slightly less, showing how much your muscles are working.

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We feel ya, Lesley, We feel ya – via GIPHY

3. You WILL get Friction Burns and Bruises

Ah yes, bruises will be a regular occurrence, as will friction burns. There are certain moves that you will hate because they make you bruise more easily than other moves. You need to practice these in moderation!

Fortunately, they’re easy to treat and what’s more

4. You WILL get Used to it!

No matter how many times you come away from a pole class aching, sore and with blistered hands, you’ll become a stronger, tougher version of yourself.

Most of the aches and pains you’ll feel from pole dancing are temporary and will reduce over time. That means your body is getting used to the vigorous exercise!

5. You’ll Become Stronger Than You Ever Imagined

I was shocked at how much stronger I became after just a few pole dancing lessons. It was unbelievable.

I never thought I would ever do a pull-up, let alone flip myself upside down and hold myself in impossible-looking poses. But, I did it!

The strength gains for pole dancing seem to happen faster than with other sports.

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6. You’ll Become More Flexible

When you start pole dancing, you’ll be stretching muscles you didn’t even know you had!

In no time at all, you’ll be bending and twisting yourself into positions you once thought impossible thanks to your new found flexibility!

Maybe with a better outfit… via GIPHY

7. You’ll Become More Confident

Confidence gives you better self-esteem and pole dancing does great things for your confidence, it really does.

It’s probably the biggest benefit you’ll notice is how confident you feel after nailing a move you’ve been working on!

8. Making it Look Easy is Half the Challenge

See your instructor over there performing that move you’ve been trying to nail for weeks with ease and grace when your effort is all arms and legs and a grimaced expression?

Yeah, it looks so easy… But in reality, you’re a tangled mess! Just cast your mind back to the time when even holding your body weight for more than 2 seconds seemed impossible and keep telling yourself that you will succeed.

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9. Practice Really Does Make Perfect

The reason that pole moves look easy when performed by experts is that they practice. A lot. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Hard work really does pay off.

Pole Dancing flexibility

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10. You will become a Pole Dancing Addict!

Pole dancing is honestly one of the most addictive forms of exercise. Once you start to learn, you’ll just be so inspired to improve and learn more advanced moves – seriously, it’s addictive!

As Beginner Pole Dancers, you’re right at the beginning of your pole fitness journey and we hope you want to share your progress with us!

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10 Things all beginner pole dancers should know

Happy poling!

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