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A Women’s Guide to Strip Clubs: How not to Behave

A guide for women in strip clubs

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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I had the idea for the article after a recent visit to a strip club made me realise how much of a headache that some female customers can be inside strip clubs. Not everyone, of course, but a small handful of women spring to mind.

Last weekend, I was out with a friend who I also teach pole dancing tricks to. She works in a different strip club and she went undercover, so to speak, to spy on a rival establishment and invited me with her.

There were a group of older women inside the club on the next table, drunk. I mean, this was quite a classy place! They had smart furniture and very luxurious decor, very efficient table service and a wide variety of drinks. The older women were being loud, obnoxious, they were frequently squealing with laughter at regular intervals. It was clear that the dancers in the club and other customers were getting annoyed at them, and they had been told to be more respectful, but they were spending loads of money on drinks so I suppose they got away with it.

So, I decided to write this guide on what NOT to do when you’re visiting a strip club, how to respect the dancers and the wider industry, as well as you know, be a generally decent human being.

A Guide for Women: How not to Behave Inside a Strip Club – 7 Things to Avoid

Whatever your reasons for visiting a strip joint, don’t do these things, whatever you do…

1. Don’t Criticise the Dancers

It’s not cool at all, even behind their backs. Even if they’re not great pole dancers, don’t say mean things about them. They could be brand new, feeling shy or not having a great day, so saying mean things is just unnecessary.

There’s even a good chance they’ll hear you, or one of their friends will hear you. Be nice or get out!

2. Don’t take Photos

Most strip clubs have a rule where you don’t take photos at all. Don’t even get your phone out. Don’t even take a selfie. It’s disrespectful.

Pretend like you’re in a museum and the camera will damage the art and exhibits. Or not, because that’s dehumanizing. Dancers are humans and it’s undignified to take photos of them at work without their permission.

You’re not permitted to take photos or videos or even audio recording in strip clubs, so don’t even try to sneakily take one. Someone is sure to notice and won’t take too kindly to it.

3. Don’t Judge the Other Customers

Being respectful to the staff is important, but it’s equally important to respect your fellow customers.

They’re there to enjoy themselves, just like you. So, be polite to them and don’t give judgmental or disgusted looks when one of them buys a private dance. That’s the whole point of a strip club and you know where the door is if you don’t like it…

4. Don’t Point at the Dancers

In certain cultures around the world, pointing is considered rude and extremely disrespectful. This is the case for most strip clubs.

Pointing is usually accompanied by a judgemental remark or exclamation. If you do it too much, someone’s gonna notice you.

It’s even rude for a male customer to point. By all means, watch and enjoy, but avoid any behaviors that would make you feel uncomfortable if you were in the spotlight in your panties.

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5. Don’t Stare When They’re Chatting or Flirting with Other Customers

Ok, that’s just cruel. Imagine you’re doing your job – that you need, for a living – and some snooty-ass bitch is giving you evil glances. That would just be frustrating and make you feel super self-conscious. It’s exactly the same for strippers, so don’t do it.

Remember, these women have the say on getting you kicked out of the club and ensure that you’re never welcome back.

So, be respectful, behave politely and don’t be a dick. No one likes a person being a dick.

How would you feel if people have you judgmental stares while you were working? If you’ve already experienced this then you’ll know how unpleasant it can be!

6. Don’t Waste the Dancers Time

I’m sure the dancers are very friendly and I’m sure you have a tonne of questions to ask them. They may be happy to chat with you and answer your questions, but if you’re not in the market for a private dance then you’re holding them up from flirting with paying customers.

By all means, call them over to your table, but tip them well and thank them for their time.

7. Don’t even THINK of Leaving a Shit Tip

For God’s sake! Tip the strippers in a strip club! They’re working hard and having to put up with drunk customers and judgment and the stigma of their job. They deserve a good tip. Tips are important for so many workers in this day and age, with minimum wages around the world not being enough on their own to make ends meet. Be a good human being and leave a worthwhile tip.

Also, tip the bartender, waitresses and anyone else who serves you during your visit.

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What’s your experience visiting a strip club? Let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly by sharing your story in the comments below!

Happy Poling!

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