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9 Reasons To Fall In Love With Pole Dancing

9 reasons to fall in love with pole

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

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It’s common knowledge that pole dancing will benefit your health and fitness and do incredible things to your body too!

But, what about the passion and community behind pole dancing? There are so many reasons to fall in love with pole dancing as a sport, an art form; whether you’re a brand new beginner or an expert poler, pole dancing is a part of your life…

So, here are 9 reasons to fall in love with this incredible hobby.

1. You Will Defy Gravity

Hanging upside down with only a single leg for grip will become second nature.

Pole Dancer Knee Hold Silhouette
Wikimedia Commons

2. You Will Gain Unbelievable Strength

…and I mean serious strength. Pole dancing will make you very strong, fairly quickly. Soon, you’ll have newfound power within your body and it will feel amazing.

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Pole Dancer Iguana
Wikimedia Commons

3. You Will Be In Awe Of Yourself

You are your own inspiration, you’ll be achieving unbelievable things with your body using sheer determination and strength. Now that’s something to be in awe of.

Pole Dancer
Wikimedia Commons

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4. You Will Make Wonderful Friends

The people you will meet at pole class are just freakin’ awesome.

People from all walks of life attend pole classes or practice pole dance at home. You can be one of them!

Sunset friends jumping in the air

5. You Will Be Part Of A Wonderful Community

Local, national and global pole dancing communities are full of incredible people from all walks of life, and all corners of the world.

Learning to pole dance is an opportunity to connect with new people.

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Pole Dancer
Wikimedia Commons

6. You Will Achieve What You Once Thought Was Impossible

At your first pole class, you will be in awe of your instructor’ s graceful tricks and spins. In a few months time, you’ll be performing them with ease.

You will often say to yourself “I’ll never do this” …but you will, and you will, once again, be in awe of yourself.

Pole achievements come with a sense of pride you just don’t get with other workouts.

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Pole Dancer
Wikimedia Commons

7. Your Confidence Will Know No Bounds

Be shy on the streets but a freak on the pole. Even the shyest of people will have a new found confidence which emerges when they’re on the pole.

Pole Dancer
Wikimedia Commons

8. You Will Be Creating Art When You Workout

Whatever style of pole dancing you practice, your workout is a form of art. You’re not just working out, you’re performing aerial art with your whole body.

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Pole Dancer
Wikimedia Commons

9. Pole Will Become Your Passion

Do you feel like you’re still searching for your passion? Well, pole dancing could be it. People have hidden talents, often unexpected ones. Pole fitness could be what you were born to do, you just don’t know it yet.

Hands in the shape of a heart

So, don’t delay! Never give up doing what you love and learn pole dancing today! <3

Happy poling!

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