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The Best Pole Dancing Crash Mats to Keep You Safe

Best Pole Dance Crash Mats for Safety
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When you’re practising a sport such as Pole Dancing (and yes, it most definitely is a sport), safety is very important. You’ll be climbing, spinning and hanging upside down on a vertical metal pole! You need to take safety very seriously by not taking any unnecessary risks. This article contains the best pole dancing crash mats for sale at the moment.

That fact that you’re here and looking for pole dancing safety crash mats is a good start! If you do a little bit of digging in forums or on Reddit, you’ll come across a story about the girl who fell and broke her hip(!!), or you’ll find a video lovingly entitled “Pole Dancing Fail” where someone falls off the pole in epic fashion during an intense combo.

It won’t be so funny if that happens to you, pole dancing is a risky sport so it pays to be safe.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What to look for when buying a pole dancing crash mat
  • The different types of mats available for sale
  • More safety tips for pole dancing at home
Best Pole Dancing Crash Mats
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When it comes to Pole Dancing Crash Mats, you have several choices available that are made specifically for pole dancing. Most crash mats will be round, will fold away in segments and have a hole in the middle, where the pole will go!

If you have a portable dance pole or a freestanding pole/pole stage at home, then a crash mat is vital as a safety-extra.

So, let’s have a look at the different crash mats are available at the moment to keep you safe when you’re working towards becoming a Pole Goddess!

Best Pole Dancing Crash Mats of 2019

Here are the best 3 choices in order of preference. More information about each of these mats is below the comparison table, but if you’re in a hurry then click these links below to buy the best crash mat now!

  1. Lupit Pole Premium Crash Mat – The thickness of this mat (4.75-inches) is far superior, and provides a much safer cushioning.
  2. Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mats – Thickness isn’t the only mark of a quality pole dancing mat, but this second thickest mat comes in a second place. Its quality is far higher than its competitors.
  3. Wacces Pole Dancing Crash Mat – The Wacces mat is a very good option if you’re looking for the relevant safety features on a budget.

Comparison Table

Here is a handy comparison table to help you find the right crash mat for you. More information about each item is under the table.
(The table will scroll on a mobile without having to zoom. Drag your finger across the table to view all of the content)

Lupit Pole Dancing Crash Mat
Product NameImageMin. ThicknessMax. ThicknessDiameterColor(s)Price ($-$$$)
Lupit Pole Premium Crash Mat1.57″4.75″60″Gold, Silver, Black or PinkClick here
Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mats
Pole Tribe Crash Mat
3.6″3.6″60″Black, Blue or PurpleClick here
Wacces Pole Dance Crash Mat
Wacces Pole Dancing Crash Mat
2″2″60″Black, Pink or BlueClick here
Tangkula Pole Dance Mat 
Pole Dance crash mat blue
2″2″60″Black, Pink or BlueClick here
Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat
Pole Dance Crash Mat
2″2″60″Black, Pink or BlueClick here

1. Lupit Pole Crash Mat

Lupit Pole is a very well known brand when it comes to Pole Dancing equipment and products. Their dance poles are very high quality and their crash mat is no exception!

The Lupit Pole Crash Mat is made from high-quality materials. The foam inside is a high-grade EPE (Expanded Polyethylene Foam) so it is strong, very hard-wearing and has high impact/shock resistance. The outside of the crash mat is made using high-quality elastic leather.

It is available in 3 different thicknesses and 4 different colors:

  • 4cm (1.57 inches),
  • 8cm (3.14 inches)
  • 12cm (4.72 inches)
  • Colors (Black, Gold, Silver, Black)

The mat has a very wide diameter – 1500mm (4ft 11inch) which allows for floorwork exercises and stretches to be done without the need for a second mat/larger landing area.

The underside of the mat is anti-slip – stops the mat moving when in use, it really does stay in place and doesn’t move at all, whether it’s installed on carpet or on a hard floor.

It folds away for easy storage, allowing for quick set up and storage. It has stitched-in handles to carry around as well.

The Lupit Pole Crash Mats are compatible with all different pole sizes, so no matter if your pole is 40mm, 45mm or 50mm. It also comes in a beautiful storage box!

Lupit Pole Dancing Crash Mat
As you can see, the mat folds away for easy storage when it’s not in use.

Price: The only downside to the Lupit Crash Mat is that it’s much more expensive than other crash mats available. Expect to pay $200+ for this crash mat. The Premium Lupit Pole Crash Mat is the thickest mat available at 4.75-inches.


2. Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat

The Gymmatsdirect pole dance mats are made of high-quality polyethene (EPE) foam center and a heavy-duty vinyl exterior. Its folding design means that it can easily be folded up into segments for simple storage and transportation.

It is a very wide mat, with a 60-inch (5 feet) diameter and it’s 2″ inches thickThis mat is compatible with all brands of dance pole, and it will provide plenty of cushioning, should you fall off.

It’s available in pale pink or royal blue and only available in one thickness (2 inches).

Pole Dance Crash Mat
The mat is actually all pink and does not have a black edge like in this picture

Price: As this is sold on Amazon, the price may change. Click here to check the current price.


3. Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat

The Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat is made of high-quality cross-linked polyethylene foam core and durable vinyl exterior. It’s foldable into 4 sections that make it easy to store and transport.

It is 60″ (5 feet) diameter x 20inches unfolded or 30-inches x 10-inches when it’s folded. The level of cushioning is sufficient for a lightweight mat to use at home.

It’s available in 3 colors; black, royal blue and pink. The ‘Wacces’ colorful logo is printed on the mat.

Wacces Pole Dancing Crash Mat
The surface of this mat is very comfortable to stand on

Price: As this is sold on Amazon, the price is subject to change. Click here to find the current price.


4. Tangkula Pole Dance Mat 

Like the other crash mats in this list, the Tangkula Pole Dance Crash Mat has a folding 4-way design for ease of transport and storage.

It is also made from high-quality cross-linked polyethylene (its foam core) and the standard durable vinyl coat on its outside. It is 60-inches (5 feet) in diameter and 2-inches thick. You have a choice of pink, black or royal blue when it comes to picking a color.

Pole Dance crash mat blue
Beautifully demonstrated use of this crash mat!

Price: This is one of the lowest price crash mats on the list. As this is sold on Amazon, the price is subject to change. Check the current price here.


5. Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mats

Pole tribe pole dance mats have the same foldable/portable design of the other mats on this list.

It is made from the same foam and vinyl as the other mats, but its standard thickness is 3.5-inches. The diameter is the same (5 feet – 60-inches) but its much thicker than the other mats available (with the exception of the Lupit Mat, which is 4.75-inches thick). This makes Pole Tribe’s Pole Dance Mat the second thickest crash mat available.

Pole Tribe Crash Mat
This mat is thicker than most of its competitors

Price: This is the second thickest mat available, and its sold on Amazon – check the current price here.



Again, the three best and highest safety-rated mats are:

  1. Lupit Pole Premium Crash Mat – Overall Winner
  2. Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mats – Close runner-up
  3. Wacces Pole Dancing Crash Mat – Best Budget Option

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Best Pole Dancing Crash Mats

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Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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