A collection of inspirational pole dancing quotes to motivate you along your pole dancing journeys! Because sometimes, you just want to give up.

So, here are some inspirational quotes, phrases, mantras and philosophies for you when you feel like giving up, or you’re just not seeing the progress you’d hope for.

Please, never give up on your pole journeys! It can be difficult and challenging, but the rewards are so incredible and the challenges just make us stronger.

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25 Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

So, let’s begin.


Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes To Keep You Motivated


Dance Like No One Is Watching - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

This inspirational quote may be overdone, sure, it’s on studio and living rooms walls all over the world – but it’s still a classic philosophy to live by!


Eat Sleep Pole Repeat - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

Our Daily Mantra: Eat, Sleep, Pole, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Pole, Repeat.


Inspirational Pole Dancing Quote: "But what if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"

Because you’ll never know if you don’t try.


Every Pro Was Once A Beginner - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

For when you feel as if progression is not happening for you, just remember that every professional started off just like you.


I don't pole dance because I'm strong, I'm strong because I pole dance - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

This is very true! Most people don’t start learning how to pole dance with lots of strength, but they get stronger as they progress along their pole dancing journeys!


Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

Very good advice.


Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

A classic inspirational quote which can be applied to your entire life. This is not specific to pole dancing, so, try something new today!

A Personal Favourite Of Ours…


Never Mess With A Woman Who Hangs Upside Down For Fun - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

Never mess with a woman who hangs upside down for fun – such a perfect inspirational quote for pole dancers!


Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

Remember when your first attempt at a forward spin was a complete and total failure? Just think about how much you’ve achieved since then!


Winners will sometimes fail, but they will never quit - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

If at first, you don’t succeed… Another popular quote


Train Like A Beast Look Like A Beauty - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes


Over 25 Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

And Finally…


Limitations Only Exist If You Let Them - Inspirational Pole Dancing Quotes

Because pole dancers know no limits! *sings* no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no THERE’S NO LIMITS!

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Happy poling!

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