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Tips for Pole Dancing in Heels

How to Pole Dance in Heels

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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If you’re new to pole dancing, you’re probably wondering about whether it’s compulsory to wear 6-inch heels at a pole dancing class. Well, it’s definitely not essential to wear heels when you’re pole dancing, it can be done perfectly well with bare feet.

However, many dancers choose to wear heels because, well, they look hot. Pole dancing itself is not the easiest physical activity, and pole dancing in heels is equally difficult!

If you’re new to pole dancing in heels or want to transition from dancing barefoot to wearing heels, then this post is for you. This article will give you tips and advice on how to improve your pole dancing technique while wearing heels.

You will learn:

  • How to get started with wearing heels while pole dancing
  • Different ways to improve your dancing and walking technique while wearing heels
  • Where to buy to best pole dancing shoes
  • How to make the best of wearing heels during your pole dancing workout

Tips and Tricks for Pole Dancing in Heels

Pole dancing in heels has many benefits, it makes your legs look longer, they make you look taller and they’re useful when performing routines or floor work.

But, dancing in heels may be intimidating for some pole dancers.

We hope you find these tips useful.

Start Small

As tempting as it may be, if you’re not familiar with wearing or dancing in such high heels then the 7-inch pleasers may not be the best way to Start!

There are stunning pole dancing shoes (and boots) in different heel heights.

Starting with smaller heel and platform heights will help you practice and gain confidence before moving on to 6-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch or even higher heel heights!

ADORE-1020LG - 7" Heel Ankle Boot with Iridescent Glittered Platform

Wearing 5-inch heels feels very different to wearing 8-inch heels, so don’t rush out and buy the highest pair of pleasers you can find straight away!

You should also consider getting shoes with a strap around the ankle or the back of your heel to help keep the shoes in place when you’re spinning and inverting. The last thing you want is for a shoe to fly off and hit your instructor in the head!

Remember, wearing shoes will make your legs heavier, meaning you’ll have to work slightly harder than you would if you were barefoot.

Especially if you want to invert during a spin-combo, you’ll need to build extra strength to do this as you’ll definitely notice the extra weight!

Walk First!

Before you leap into an elaborate inverted combo, practice some basic moves first. If this is your first time in heels, then you could even practice walking around the pole before you attempt anything more adventurous.

Floorwork looks amazing in heels, so if you’re new to pole dancing in heels, this is also a great opportunity for you to practice your floor work!

Pleaser Women's Flam808/C/Ppch Platform Dress Sandal, Clear/Purple Chrome, 7 M
Most Pole Dancing heels have an ankle strap made from grippy material

Keep a Good Posture

When you’re standing upright or walking around the pole, you should keep a good posture to have better stability and look/feel more confident.

Keep your head high and your shoulders back. Make sure not to slouch! If you slouch your shoulders forward into a more relaxed posture then you may find it harder to balance, especially if you’re not used to wearing heels.

Point Your Toes

Yes, even in heels! Pointing your toes is part of having good form when pole dancing. You may not be able to fully point your toes as you would if you were barefoot or wearing yoga shoes, but by doing so you’ll be tending your calf muscles which makes it easier to pole dance in heels!

If you’re not at the stage where you’re wearing heels during your pole dancing sessions, then point your toes anyway! It looks so much better and will condition your body for moving onto wearing heels at a later date.

Pleaser - 8" Heel, 4" PF Ankle Strap Sandal w/Glitter

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When you’re spinning or performing floorwork, make the most of those heels! ‘Clack’ your heels together for a great effect, or grab your heel with your spare hand during one-handed spins.

You could also wear a pair of sexy legwarmers with a stirrup to thread the heel through (these ones are pretty awesome!)

v28 Long Leg Warmer, Women’s Men 80s Party Ribbed Knit
Available in 20+ colors on Amazon!

Remember, You Don’t Have to Wear Heels!

As we said at the start of this article, wearing heels is not compulsory! It’s perfectly OK to carry on pole dancing barefoot if wearing high heels ain’t your style!

If you want something substantial on your feet that aren’t ridiculously high, then check out yoga shoes, they’re perfect for pole dancing – find out why here!

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Where to Buy Heels for Pole Dancing

Pleasers and Ellie Shoes are the most well-known brands of pole dancing shoes AKA ‘stripper shoes’. You can buy them from the following places:

Yandy Lingerie General

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    100 Pole Dancing Videos

    Good article. Some other thoughts…
    For most traveling moves you would have the heels up slightly so you have “bounce” in your step. Dancers vary in how high they like their heels for this. I was always being told only 1/4 inch of the floor by one teacher but that is wrong, it should be where you are comfortable. Some traveling moves you need to come right up on the balls of your feet as high as possible. If you are standing still learning moves, you may be told to keep your heels down and learn to move from your hip and belly muscles rather than shifting your hip around using your feet and legs. It’s a good discipline for beginners and drilling.

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