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Tips for Pole Dancing with a Spinning Pole

Spinning Pole Tips

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

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If you’re new to pole dancing, or you’ve recently started to learn, then you’ll probably have noticed that there are static dance poles, which are fixed and don’t spin; then there are spinning poles, which spin by themselves. Many portable and freestanding dance poles can be changed between static and spin modes in a few minutes, such as the X Pole XPERT which is the best portable dance pole available.

Many people who are uninitiated into the world of pole dancing are under the impression that pole dancing with a spinning pole is “cheating” – this is far from the truth! It’s actually very difficult to perform, dance or workout with a spinning pole. Those who refer to it as “cheating” do not know what they’re talking about!

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What you Need to Know About Spinning Poles

“Hang on for dear life!” – Those are the words that I was given at my first spinning pole lesson! I learned to pole dance with a static pole at first, and I’d been doing so for about 10 months before I touched a spinning pole. The studio I first learned at in 2008 only had static poles, so the spinning pole caused great excitement, naturally!

It’s a Very Different Technique

Sounds scary, right? If you’re used to using a static pole then you should be aware that a spinning pole does require a different technique.

As the pole spins by itself, you don’t need to throw your bodyweight into spinning moves such as a fireman or carousel. Instead, by stepping into the move, you will start the spinning motion.

You Won’t Spin to the Floor

If you perform a spin on a static pole, you usually spiral yourself down toward the floor. With a spinning pole, you just continue to spin, and spin, and spin some more until you decide to stop yourself.

That’s because there aren’t any actual ‘spins’ to perform on a spinning pole, there are only positions that you hold yourself in.

This gives you the opportunity to create beautiful transitions between tricks, but it’s also more challenging to perform tricks while spinning and going against the momentum created by the spinning pole.

Your Position Matters

When you’re on a spinning pole, the speed you spin at depends on the position of your body. If you’re very close to the pole, you will spin faster than if you’re in a wide or extended position.

You May Suffer Motion Sickness

You will definitely get dizzy at the very least, when you’re spinning you will pick up a lot of speed and that takes some getting used to.

Tips for Pole Dancing with a Spinning Pole

Pink Pole Dancer

Here are our top tips for pole dancing with a spinning pole, especially useful if you’re currently transitioning from static to spin.

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Don’t Look Around

If you look around at the room you’re in when you’re spinning, it’s going to make you feel dizzier than it should!

Instead, maintain your focus directly ahead, or look at the pole if you’re performing a move that faces the pole, such as a spinning climb.

Don’t Let Your Head Spin

When you’re performing spins on the spinning pole, you’ll have extra momentum so you should be conscious of keeping your head still. Don’t loosen your neck and let your head flop around as this will also make you feel extra dizzy!

Use Both Hands

You may comfortable performing one-handed spins on a static pole, but when you’re getting started with a spinning pole you should perform two-handed spins for safety. At least, until you have perfected your technique and had plenty of practice.

Use Grip Aid if you Need it

If you find that your need grip aid products when you’re pole dancing, then you’ll definitely need them on the spinning pole too. A chalked-up pole will give you more confidence than a shiny clean one as it will be less slippery! iTac2 Extra Strength is one of the strongest grip aids available and would be perfect for use on a spinning pole.

Start With the Basics

“Don’t run before you can walk” so they say. Even if you’re an advanced pole dancing student who has been dancing a while, you should start with the basics on a spinning pole.

You may feel extremely confident in performing a certain trick, but you’re not familiar with the spinning pole so start gradually and go over the basic tricks to increase familiarity.

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Extend an Arm or Leg to Slow Yourself Down

When you’re spinning and your body is close to the pole, you will spin faster!

If you find yourself spinning too fast then putting your arm or leg out will naturally slow you down.

Don’t Throw Yourself into Spins

If you’ve learned to spin on a static pole, then this especially applies to you. It’s common for those students who learn their first spins on a static pole because you need to create more momentum with a static pole. A spinning pole will create momentum for you!

It’s important that you step into the spin as opposed to using your bodyweight to make yourself spin!

There is no “spinning yourself” on a spinning Pole! You’re basically holding a position while the pole spins for you!

“Un-spin” Yourself if you get too Dizzy!

If you step off the pole and feel dizzier than you expect, spin yourself in the opposite direction. You can do this standing up if you prefer and just spin on the spot. Doing this will re-balance your ears and help reduce your dizziness!

Use a Spotter

You should always have a Spotter with you when you try something new and the spinning pole is no different.

Make sure your spotter knows what trick you’re trying to attempt and what to expect so they can be prepared to help you.

Try Motion Sickness Pills

If you suffer from motion sickness and it’s affecting your workouts, then see a chemist for some motion sickness pills. These will really help reduce the effects of the dizziness and make your workouts on the spinning pole more productive. You may want to just use the pills while you’re getting used to ‘spin’ mode!

Have Fun!

Learning to pole dance on a spinning pole is a lot of fun! It takes a lot of practice to get the technique right, but you can perform some beautiful combos when spinning.

So, those are our top tips for learning to use the spinning pole. Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you found it useful!

Happy poling!

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Tips for pole dancing with a spinning pole

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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