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Tips for Pole Dance Photo Shoots

Tips for Pole Dance Photo Shoots

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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This article contains tips for pole dance photoshoots and advice to help you get the most from your next shoot. Having regular photoshoots (professional or amateur) is a great way to keep track of your progress, build your confidence and help you feel good about yourself.

If you’re paying for a professional photographer to take photos of you twirling and inverting, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting good value for money. The last thing you want is to splash out on an expensive photo shoot only to be disappointed with the result.

You’ll probably have an idea in your head of what sort of photos you want, so preparation and communication between you, the subject, and the photographer is key.

Here are some of the best tips for your next pole dance photoshoot, don’t forget to share your best photos in the comments and stay subscribed for more great pole fitness articles and news.

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Find an Experienced Photographer

To start with, you’ll want to find a photographer who has experience in fitness photography, even better if they’ve done lots of pole dance or pole fitness photoshoots before.

If possible, meet with your photographer beforehand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to build up a good rapport with them as communication between photographer and subject is so important.

Discuss with the photographer what you have in mind, what you’re planning to wear and what type of tricks you’re planning to perform. Also, if you’ve been inspired by other photographs – show them to the photographer to give them a visual idea of what you mean. Photographers are often very visually-minded people, so words may not be enough to simply describe what you’re hoping for.

Choose your Style

Choose whether you’re going to perform the entire shoot in one outfit or if you want an outfit change. The most important thing is to pick a style for each set of photos, if you’re thinking about hair and make-up, it’s going to be awkward and difficult to change things up mid-shoot.

Pole Dance Photo Shoot

Plan your Tricks in Advance

Write a list of 3 or 4 main poses that you want to be captured by the photographer. Use this list as a basis for your pole dance photo shoot so you don’t go in there blindly hoping for a few good shots without a plan.

If you’re stuck for creativity, stick to what you know best. Write down the tricks that you can perform on demand without fail, even if it’s a simple pole seat or lean back. Even posing nicely with both feet firmly on the ground looks pretty awesome with a professional camera setup and a good photographer.

Think about the position of your body during each trick, which direction do you want to be facing, do you have a ‘better side’? Consider all of these different things when deciding upon your core tricks for the photoshoot.

Don’t be Afraid to Freestyle on the day

Even if you’re armed with your routine and ideas for killer shots, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and try a few combinations on the day.

Sometimes, great and unplanned-for ideas just pop into your head without warning. The photographer will be on the lookout for the right moments too, so be confident with being ‘in the moment’.

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Fingers and Toes

In my experience, I’ve had great photos before that have been ruined by my fingers or toes.

Pay attention to your fingers in particular, the last thing you want is for a splayed hand to ruin your hard work. Try not to have the palm of your hand facing the camera in poses such as layback, plank or Superman. Also, think elegantly and gracefully when it comes to positioning your fingers.

The same goes for your toes, it goes without saying that they should be pointed if you’re not wearing heels.

Pole dance photo shoot - pole crunch

Don’t Forget to Breathe!

The thing is with photo shoots is that you often have to hold poses for longer than you usually would. It’s common to subconsciously hold your breath when you’re concentrating so intently on you know, not faceplanting the floor.

If you hold your breath, it will show on your face. Rather than a natural facial expression, you’ll end up with red puffy cheeks and a look of “help me!” on your face.

You want it to look effortless, breathing helps. In. Out. In. Out.

Keep it Simple

Following on from that, if you choose tricks that are too difficult for you, it won’t look as graceful, elegant or effortless as it would if you chose a simple move that you can perform well.

Don’t over-complicate things but choosing the most complex and dangerous trick you’ve barely learned.

Trust me – it will look better performing an expected executed beginner/intermediate poses than it will clumsily performing an advanced trick.

Stick with what you know and keep it simple. Your photographs will come out much better as a result.

Pole Dance Photo Shoot - back against the pole
See how elegantly simple this is – you don’t have over-complicate your tricks for photo shoots. Simple is always best.

Get Plenty of Practice

Plan your photo shoot well in advance to allow yourself enough time to work on your chosen tricks.

Don’t rush yourself – and remember to pick tricks that you’re already familiar with.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t be camera shy – just go for it and have fun!

Some people embrace being in front of a camera lens, if that’s you – perfect!

If you’re generally shy when it comes to being photographed, try to forget the camera is there – just have fun performing the tricks that you love and the photographer should be able to capture your passion and skill.

So what’s your best advice for pole dance photo shoots? Make sure to leave a comment below to get involved in the discussion. Feel free to share your best photos too!

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Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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