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Do Stripper Poles Spin? Here’s The Answer…

Do stripper poles spin

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

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Do stripper poles spin? I’ve been asked this question soooo many times in my 12+ years as a pole dance instructor! So, let’s put this question to bed for the final time!

Pole dancing is a fun way to get in shape and can be enjoyed by both men and women. It requires strength, finesse, grace and flexibility, not to mention – lots of practice!

Most people think that all poles spin, but they don’t! It’s important to know what features are available on different types of dance poles so you can find the right one for you.

Quick Summary

  • Not all pole dancing poles spin.
  • A static pole is one that doesn’t rotate at all, while a spinning pole will rotate when activated by body weight
  • Spinning poles are not motorized or electric in any way.
  • There are generally three types of stripper poles available: static only, spin-only, and a switchable static/spin option.
  • It is possible to spin on a static pole but it is easier to gain momentum with a spinning pole.
  • Spinning poles can spin in either direction.

Not All Stripper Poles Spin

Not all pole dancing poles spin. If you’re looking to purchase a spinning pole, it’s important to check carefully, as not all poles will spin. A static pole is one that doesn’t rotate at all and is made for use by dancers who prefer non-rotating poles.

They are usually the same height as static pole dancing poles.

A spinning pole is typically an otherwise static pole that rotates when activated by hand or foot. The performer on the pole then uses their body weight to gain momentum.

The pole does not spin independently without a dancer as there is no powered motor involved. The performer’s body weight is what allows it to spin.

There is usually a bearing mechanism within the pole base or dome at the top that allows it to freely spin when in use.

This type of rotating performance feature can be helpful if you want to build up strength in your legs while working out on your own time—or if you just enjoy being in control of your own fun!

Spinning Poles vs. Static Poles

There are general 3 types of stripper pole available:

  1. Static only (e.g. X Pole SPORT)
  2. Spin only (although this is rare)
  3. A pole that can be switched between static and spin (the most popular choice – e.g. X Pole XPERT)

Some people prefer static poles because they do not want their routines interrupted by any external forces; others opt for spinning models because they like exercising with more movement and speed involved in their routines.

It’s better to choose a pole that has the option to be both static and spinning so it’s easy to switch things up.

Spinning poles have a bearing, which may need lubrication as part of its general maintenance.

Can you Spin on a Static Pole?

Yes, you can still spin on a static pole but you usually rotate downwards towards the floor (like a corkscrew motion) – when you land on the floor you end the pose by leaning back or jumping up onto all fours to add some sex appeal and floorwork into the routine.

Is it Easier to Spin on a Spinning Pole?

Not necessarily – it’s easier to gain momentum but not easier to hold the physical position during your spin.

When you spin, things speed up pretty quickly (especially if you’re close to the pole) so spinning poles actually require more strength and control than it does to perform a spin on a non-spinning (static) pole.

Read more tips on how to spin on a spinning dance pole.

What Exactly Do We Mean by “Spinning Poles”?

So what does it mean? Well, the pole can spin around its central axis.

The same way that an office-swivel chair spins on its base.

When you are spinning, your body is on the pole and your hands are holding it (with one or both hands).

You can spin faster by moving your body closer to the pole and spin slower by straightening out an arm or leg to slow yourself down.

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Poles have different specs to accommodate different users.

Depending on the type of pole you choose, it may have different specs.

The diameter, length and weight capacity are a few of the most important ones you should look for when choosing your pole. Other things to consider include materials used in its construction, design features and safety features.

The size of the pole will depend largely on your height and weight as well as how much space you have available for storage or mounting purposes.

Do Stripper Poles Spin in Both Directions?

Yes, spinning stripper poles can spin in either direction, depending on the flow of the routine and the performer’s preference.

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Some Poles Include Extra Performance Features

Some poles are designed for use in a dance studio, while others are made for nightclubs. Some include performance features that make them easier to use and store.

For example, some poles will have LEDs inside of them so they light up when being used! These are usually reserved for specialist clubs and studios and they’re not common within the fitness community.

You should know exactly what you want before you buy a pole.

You should know exactly what you want before you buy a stripper pole. Don’t make the mistake of just buying any old pole. This can be an expensive mistake, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Read our ultimate guide to the best pole dancing poles for home use.

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We hope you’ve learned a bit about stripper poles and their various specs. For a better understanding, here are some further articles that will help you learn more about pole dancing as a sport and artform:

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