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Confessions: The Types of Girls You’ll Meet at Pole Dancing Class

Confessions Vol 4 - 8 Types of pole dancing girls

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Many different people from all walks of life go to pole dancing classes. But, just for fun, here are 8 different types of pole dancing girls you’ll find in a typical pole dancing fitness class! Welcome to Confessions Of A Pole Dance Instructor, an item on this blog which aims to document the frustrations of pole dance instructors around the world.

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Confessions of a Pole Dance Instructor – Volume #4 – The 8 Types of Pole Dancing Girls You’ll Meet at a Pole Fitness Class

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Let’s begin with…

1. The Super Skinny One

She wears child size shorts to class, seriously. On the negative side, she has no boobs. But she looks good on a pole with her slim legs.

Damn her!

2. The Super Strong One

She’s got power behind her, has this one. The super strong one can deadlift into anything and make it look effortless.

Jealous much?

Pole Dancing Strong

3. The Hashtagger

The one who runs to grab her phone every time she’s perfected a new trick to get a photo of her latest achievement.

After a pole class, check her Instagram feed for 8 new photos, all hashtagged with #progress #inittowinit #midweekmotivation #pole4lyf #fitgurlz #polesisters etc…

Social Media Instagram GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

4. The Quiet One

There’s the one who chooses the pole in the corner, doesn’t speak much. But she works hard and she’s damn strong as a result.

Maybe she’s quiet because she concentrating.

5. The One Who is Always Late

The first week, she got lost. Second, traffic. Third, her car broke down. Fourth, just because. And, she’s been late ever since.

Slow clap for the late one.

Judge Judy GIF by Lifetime Telly - Find & Share on GIPHY

6. The Liar

When the instructor asks the class to perform a trick, there’s always one who will loudly exclaim “I can never do this one” before executing the trick with utter perfection.



7. The Girl Who Bends

That girl who glides into the most awkward of positions with ease. It’s almost as if she’s made of elastic. She’s been able to do the box splits ‘since she was 8’ yet, she’s ‘never had any gymnastics training’

Pole dancer performing an eagle - a very advanced pole dancing trick

Yes, some people are just naturally bendy.

8. The One Who Can’t (But Actually Can)

Sometimes, people need a bit of persuasion when it comes to certain tricks and spins.

There’s one who will always say “I can’t do that type of grip” or “I skip this move because I can’t do it” but after some coercion, they can. They always can.

Never say you can’t do something because it’s always possible and usually easier than you think!

So, that’s our list of the types of girls you’ll meet in a pole dancing class! Of course, this post is just for fun and not intended to make of fun of anyone ?

Pole Dancing is a sport that’s for everyone! Find out What Pole Dancing Really Does To Your Body here.

Are you a pole instructor? Do you have any similar stories? If so, leave a comment below or submit your story to us for a chance of it being featured on the site!

Happy poling!

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8 Types Of Pole Dancing Girls

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