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Best Stripper Shoes for Pole Dancers in 2023

Best Stripper Shoes for Pole Dancers

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This article contains a list of the best stripper shoes for pole dancers available at the moment.

With so many choices out there it’s a real challenge to find a great pair of stripper shoes for pole dancers.

A great pair of pole dancing shoes will be:

  • Comfortable to wear for long pole dancing sessions
  • Have a ‘grippy’ portion to help with pole tricks
  • Aesthetically pleasing and sexy to wear
  • Have an ankle strap to avoid accidents (like the shoe slipping off mid-performance and hitting your customer – seriously that has happened multiple times with these shoes!)

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If you have been wondering what is the best stripper shoes for pole dancing, then look no further. Here are some of the best stripper shoes which have been hand-picked by our team, take a look below ?

Before Buying Stripper Shoes:

Most stripper shoes have a minimum heel height of 6″
The clear, Perspex strap of the shoes help you grip the pole as a pole dancer
You can ‘clack’ these shoes together to add some drama into your pole dance routines!
Pleaser Shoes are a long-term choice of footwear for pole dance fitness enthusiasts and strippers

Best Stripper Shoes for Pole Dancers

Pleaser Women’s Delight with Ankle Strap

6″ heel height
Completely see-through
Choice of white, clear and black
Adjustable buckle
Complements many outfits and styles

Pleaser Women’s Sky Ankle-Strap Sandal

7″ heel height
Different designs like Matte black, faux leather and clear black
Available in sizes 4 – 14
Adjustable buckle
Polyurethane sole
Unicorn-708T Clear/Baby Pink / 7
Image from Amazon

Pleaser Women’s Sky-Glitter Ankle-Strap Sandal

Holographic glitter on a spiral 7inch heel
Bubble gum pink colour with a transparent tinted platform
Available in sizes 5 – 11
Ankle strap with adjustable buckle
Sole is made of rubber to help with grip
Pleaser Women's Adore-708FL Platform Dress Sandal, Clear/Red Flowers, 9 M
Image from Amazon

Pleaser Women’s Adore Platform Dress Sandal

6.5 inch heel, good for beginners
Roses look great in the platform and really stand out when back lit
The sole is made of rubber
Adjustable buckle
Available in sizes 6 – 11
Pleaser Women's Delight-1018 Boot,Black Polyurethane/Black,6 M US
Image from Amazon

Pleaser Women’s DELIGHT

6 inch heel, good for beginners
Lace up at the back
Available in sizes 6 – 14
8.25inch calf circumference
5.75inch boot height (8.5inches from the arch)
Pleaser Women's Taboo-708CM Platform Sandal,Clear,7 M US
Image from Amazon

Pleaser Women’s Taboo Platform Sandal

7 1/4”inch heel
Clear platform and heel
Available in sizes 7 – 11
Taller platform height
Ankle strap with adjustable buckle
Pleaser Women's Flam808/c/b Platform Sandal, Clear/Black, 5 M US
Image from Amazon

Pleaser Women’s Flamingo Ankle-Strap Sandal

8 inch heel – experience definitely needed
Colours available are rose chrome and black
Available in sizes 5 – 12
Ankle strap with adjustable buckle
Rubber sole

Stripper Shoes: FAQs

Stripper Shoes for Pole Dancing: Conclusion

When it comes to trying to pinpoint the best stripper shoes, there are a number of factors to consider. Every person has different tastes and preferences when it comes to their shoes, and some prefer heels, while others prefer other low-profile designs.

Ultimately, the best stripper shoes for pole dancing are the pair that you feel most comfortable and safe in.

The shoes that give you the best grip, stability, and sexiness on the pole are what you should wear in the end.

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