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Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors Review

Mighty grip thigh protectors

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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When it comes to pole dance accessories, there are hundreds of different products available. The Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors are designed to protect your delicate inner thigh area, an all too common area for bruises and burns caused by pole dancing.

But, are thigh protectors necessary?

Do they help you grip the pole with your thighs?

What other options are available?

Continue reading to find out!

We love writing about pole dancing accessories, we aim to help you make the most of the various products out there for pole dancers! Pole dancing products and accessories just so happen to be something were experts on (even if we do say so ourselves!)

This is a review of Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors for pole dancers, a product designed to protect your inner thighs during a pole dancing workout. Mighty Grip makes many different grip aids and accessories designed for pole dancers.

They’re a well-known brand amongst the pole dancing community, and their products are used by pole dancers all over the world.

Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors Review

Your inners thighs take a fair amount of punishment during a pole dancing workout. Even beginners, during their first ever lesson, are introduced to the ‘pole seat’ position – that’s the type of pain that takes some getting used to. Other pole tricks such as Superman, Crucifix, Inverted Crucifix and Gemini aren’t very kind to your fragile inner thighs either!

The more often you practice pole dancing, the more desensitized you’ll become to this bare-skin-against-metal effect of a friction burn. It’s definitely something that pole dancers have to get used to.

As your inner thighs take such a beating, it’s a common area for bruising and friction burns – Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors aim to protect you against this and help you grip the pole at the same time.

Mighty Grip products are handy because they will allow you to progress further, without letting bruises and burns become a barrier to your progress. However, you should try not to become reliant on products like these, as in the long-term you’ll want to perform without them.

When used sparingly, Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors or other Mighty Grip products can help you to condition and prepare your body for more advanced tricks and spins. But if you become reliant on them, it can be difficult to give them up at a later stage! So, if you must use something to protect your thighs, only use them when you’re first learning a trick, allowing yourself to get used to the position and technique before venturing into the bare skin territory!

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Features Of Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors

Mighty Grip Black Inner Thigh Protectors for Pole Dancing with
How the Thigh Protector looks
  • They are sold as a pair, unlike some brands who sell them individually.
  • Available in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large & X-Large – click here to see the size info)
  • Makes climbing and upper leg-grip easier.
  • Helps prevent bruising and injuries, such as pole burn.
  • Gives extra support where you need it.
  • Perfect for beginners and those who are learning advanced tricks.
  • Tacky strips on the protectors give much needed extra grip (can be used with or without these)
  • Helps by absorbing sweat and preventing slipping.

How do they work?

The Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors are a very simple design. They wrap around your thigh and are held firmly in place by velcro strips.

They have tacky strips around the protector as well, to provide extra grip on the pole. These strips have been thoughtfully placed in the high friction areas where grip is needed the most, to prevent accidental sticking in places where you don’t want to stick to the pole!

The best thing about the tacky strips is… you don’t have to use them! You can twist the tack strips to face inwards, so if you don’t want or need the extra grip then you don’t have to use them! I personally wanted to turn these around straight away; I don’t have a problem with thigh-grip, but a student I teach always keeps the tack strips in place because it’s a problem for her. You can use whatever option suits your needs the best.

We found that if you’re using these to help improve your grip, you may actually only need to wear one thigh protector! They seemed to work just as well by wearing one, rather than two.

Pros of Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors

  • Helps prevent bruising and pole burn – beginner who use these definitely have fewer bruises than those who don’t
  • Optional tack-strips to help grip
  • Helps improve grip while working on upper body strength.
  • Great for beginners, to help build confidence.
  • Perfect for when you start to learn more advanced tricks that put extra friction on your ankles.

Cons of Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors

  • Relying on products like this can hinder your progress in the long-term. Eventually, you are going to want to grip the pole with just your bare skin. Students who rely on items, such as these Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors will end up less able when it comes to performing without them.
  • If you use these for a prolonged period of time, they will feel sweaty when you take them off.
  • The tacky strips across the front can get worn and occasionally rip off altogether. If this happens to you, then contact Mighty Grip as they are happy to replace them.
  • The more you use the Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors, the more worn they will become.
  • They have the tendency to slip and move slightly as you’re practising. If they’re done up really tightly with the velcro then this is minimal at first, but it comes more annoying as you practice.

So, Are Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors Worth Buying?

We recommend Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors, especially to those beginners who are still finding their confidence in climbing and letting go of the pole.

However, you should not rely on these products for your workouts, routines, or performances.

This is a grip aid, not a grip solution.

When you’re first learning a move, or if your bruises have not healed between sessions are the best times to use the Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors. Try to rely on your skin the majority of the time!

Using them during every workout could have a negative effect on your progress in the long-term if you want eventually want to perform using just your skin for grip.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have the tacky strips become worn faster than usual, get in touch with Mighty Grip. We’ve heard and read in forums many stories of Mighty Grip stepping up and replacing faulty products within a reasonable time frame. They obviously are going to be reluctant to be refunding or replacing a pair that are months old already and well used!!

That being said, however, don’t expect to send them back after months of regular use!

Where To Buy Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors:


  • Tight fitting but they move a bit during practice
  • The velcro that holds them in place can become worn easily
  • The tack-strips for extra grip are optional and can be turned around if you don’t want to use them
  • You shouldn’t end up relying on grip products for the long-term
  • Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors are great for introducing yourself to new moves, to get used to them before you go for skin-on-pole contact 😉
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This post may contain affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product. Read our full disclosure here.

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