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A Day in the Life of a Pole Dance Instructor

A day in the life of a pole dance instructor

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Here’s a quick update from me and it’s my daily routine! A day in the life of a pole dance instructor!

So, this is a typical work day for me. I also have a job which I have to attend an office one day per week, other than that I’m mostly just teaching pole classes and running my consultancy business!

Welcome to Confessions of  Pole Dance Instructor! This is a series of blog posts where Pole Dance Instructors (like myself) share our stories.

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Here is what this pole dancer gets up to on a daily basis.

6.00am Wake up

Yes, I wake up at 6am. I’ve always been an early riser, it helps me get more work done during the day if I actually get up when my body naturally wakes up, which is usually around 6am.

6.15am Yoga at Home

Before I do anything in the morning, I do a quick yoga routine that takes about 20 minutes.

6.45am Morning Run

Most days I go for a quick run, nothing to brag about, literally 15-20 minutes just around a couple of blocks. However, twice per week these days I would replace this short run with a short HIIT session instead!

7.15am Shower

After all that sweaty running, I definitely need this shower!

7.45am Breakfast

I’m actually eat a really unhealthy breakfast. Wholemeal toast and pancakes with syrup, or porridge with honey and some fruit.

It’s not the best, adding that extra sugar but it tastes so good!

8.00am Teach Private Lesson

8am is a great slot for a private lesson, so it gets booked up quickly by eager students!

I actually teach this slot to friends and locals only, so its usually one of my neighbors who snaps this one up, as I teach this slot from home in my living room!

On days when I don’t teach, I would have a massage or meditate instead.

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9.30am Daily Admin

This mostly involves getting work done on this blog, replying to emails, answering questions, etc.

We get a surprising amount of requests and emails from readers, you’re always welcome to get in touch!

11.30am Mid-Morning Snack

Time for some potato chips and guacamole. Yummy. Sometimes also a cookie.

12.00pm Daily Practice

I try to get in a daily pole dancing practice, either alone or with my workout buddy and follow instructor, Tammy.

As an instructor it’s important to me that I’m continuously improving and staying on top of my game. I also use this time to come up with new transitions, tricks and ideas to use during classes.

1.30pm Lunch with Friends

For me and my friends, who are all so busy, lunch is one of the only times we have to properly catch up with each other! Lunch itself consists of salad or a wrap with some fruit and yogurt. Sometimes, we’ll split a dessert between us but as fitness enthusiasts, we don’t make a habit of it!

2.30pm Writing

Since starting this website, my afternoons are filled with writing, which I absolutely love. It’s a new hobby for me and it helps me earn some extra income.

4.30pm Afternoon Snack

I’m really digging Middle Eastern food at the moment, so today it was Tahini Dip with Pickled Vegetables and Falafel. Tasty.

6.30pm Teaching Pole Classes

The pole studio I currently base myself at has 2 hours of classes every night. I teach 3 evenings per week, usually a Monday, Tuesday and Friday, but this can vary.

I also have a studio at home, but this is mostly for private use.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s lessons are mixed ability, and Fridays are mostly Intermediate-advanced students.

8.30pm Tidy Pole Studio

I give all of the poles a quick wipe, sweep the floor and freshen up the changing area as well as clean the mirrors.

9pm Evening Snack

I’ve never been good at properly eating dinner, so I try to grab some veggie noodles on the way home.

9.30pm Reading and/or Social Media

During this downtime, I’ll either read my Kindle, listen to comedy podcasts or catch up on my personal social media! I usually go through my student’s Instagram’s and like their pics and stories!

10.30pm Bedtime

I have to go to sleep relatively early because I wake up early and have a busy schedule!

So that’s my daily routine! Are you a pole dancer who’d like to share a guest post? Get in touch here!

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Confessions of a pole dance instructor - a collection or stories and rants from pole dance instructors

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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