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Pole Dancing Games & Other Fun Ideas

Pole Dancing Games

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Are you a Pole Dance Instructor looking for new and fun ways to engage with your students? Or, perhaps you’re throwing a bachelorette party and need some inspiration for pole dancing party games. Either way, you’re in the right place!

This post is dedicated to different pole dancing party games that can be played as a group. As an instructor or party host, it’s your job to keep your students engaged, and entertainment is part of that!

Fun pole dancing games could be used at the start of a lesson, almost like an icebreaker activity to make people laugh right from the start. Alternatively, they can be used at the end of a class as a fun activity.

They’re also great to use during parties, especially bachelorette parties or pole dancing themed parties. Sometimes, office workers have team building days, which could involve pole dancing – it would be a great team building event!

This article contains plenty of ideas for pole dancing party games and other fun activities. Share this post with your instructor!

Pole Dancing Games, Party Ideas & Other Fun Activities

1. Pole Dance Musical Statues

Get your entire class to start freestyle dancing to a song of your choice.

When you pause the music, everyone must try to freeze in their current position.

Pause the music at key times for hilarity and giggles!

You could have the ‘losers’ of each round perform a penalty (e.g. a set of push-ups), or they can be ‘out’ until you have a winner!

2. Pole Dance Musical Chairs

Like musical statues, but participants in the game must dance around the poles (not on them) and when the music stops, they must find the nearest pole and perform a Pole seat.

More than one person is allowed per pole.

For best results, have more people than there are poles!

3. Memory Test with Pole Tricks

Read out a simple combo and ask your class to remember it and perform it.

Give them all another combo to perform, but ask them to perform the second combo after the first.

It’s a memory test, so no cheating or shouting out hints.

Keep adding to this routine for as long as people can manage to remember the moves.

4. Build-a-Routine

Like that story where you go around the room with each person saying a sentence to tell a story. It’s just like that, but with pole dancing tricks!

Go around the class, the first person names a trick, which everyone performs.
The next person chooses a trick that links from the previous trick
And so on.. until you have an entire routine!

5. Pole Trick Alphabet Game

Use the last letter of the previous move to name the next move, performing them as a group as we go along.

Refer to the pole dancing dictionary if you need to, or make up new moves if you can’t come up with an answer!

Attitude Spin
Elbow hold

Try to create a routine from your chain of alphabetically linked pole tricks!

6. Mannequin Challenge

Remember the mannequin challenge craze from social media of yesteryear? Perform a mannequin challenge, but in pole dance poses!

Have each person perform a different trick for the best effect. Film the students doing the challenge in different poses and put the footage together into a montage.

Or, if there’s a new online craze – try that instead!

7. Pole Climbing Relay Race

Like an athletic relay, but with climbing a pole. For this game, you need two teams of equal numbers and two poles.

Each team decides on a team name.

The game is a race, each team lines up in single file. The first person in each line has a baton or similar token.

They must hold the baton (or tuck it into their shorts), run up to the Pole, climb to the top, high five the ceiling, slide back down and hand the baton to the next person in their team, who repeats these steps.

The winning team is the first team to have all its members climb the pole and return to their starting position.

If the baton (or token) is dropped, then it must be picked up and the person who dropped it must start again.

This competitive game could be played with more than two teams, depending on how much space is available and how many poles you have.

You could add extra steps into the move for more advanced polers, e.g. climb the Pole, invert into an inverted crucifix and land in a handstand. Remember, it’s a race! So choose something which everyone in your class is able to do to make it fair for everyone.

8. The Floor is Made of Lava!

Choose a song that’s 2-3 minutes long, ask your students to perform a freestyle routine. But, there’s a twist – the floor is made of lava for the duration of the song!

The challenge is that their freestyle pole routine must be entirely aerial – their hands, feet, or any other part of their body is not permitted to touch the floor until the song is over!

9. Freestyle Transitions

Set your class a challenge: give everyone two moves to perform. The challenge is that they must get from one move to the other in a creative way. The most creative method could win a prize for their efforts!

10. Pole Fitness Roulette

Write down different pole fitness building exercises onto small pieces of paper and fold them up. Most of them will be straightforward things, such as “2 pull-ups” or “3 straight leg-raises”, but slip in a more difficult trick, such as a deadlift or strong-arm climb.

Ask all of your students to choose a piece of paper and they must perform the trick that they get. Ensure that you have at least one more challenging trick in with the others.

11. Danger Zone

Split your pole studio into imaginary ‘sections’, one (or more) areas of the room are within the ‘danger zone’. That means that poles within that area have restrictions placed on them, for example in one area you’re only allowed to use the right side of the pole, or you’re only allowed to perform one-handed tricks.

Have all of your students run around the studio to music, when the music stops they must perform a trick of their choice on their nearest pole. If their nearest pole is in the danger zone, then they must obey the restrictions in place!

What are your favorite pole dance party games to have a laugh with your friends? If you have any ideas, leave a comment below to share them so we can add them to this list!

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Happy poling!

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