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Dubstep, EDM & Electronica Pole Dancing Playlist

Dubstep EDM Electro Pole Dancing Playlist

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Are you constantly looking for new songs for pole dance routines? Are you also fed up with the same old songs being played in pole studios? Our latest pole dancing playlist is a collection of dubstep, EDM, Electronica and Dance music that will motivate and inspire you to create beautiful choreography for your next pole dance routine. 

We’ve put together this list of Dubstep, EDM and Electronica/Dance songs for pole dance routines to give you some inspiration. We’ve kept it multi-genre to suit everyone’s needs, but we have more playlists which are genre-specific here!

Searching for music for your pole dance routines can be frustrating if you can’t find the right song. You might find something that you love, but its lyrics don’t accurately represent what you’re trying to convey through your routine.

This playlist is focused on EDM music, with dirty, dubstep baselines which will make a real impact with your latest routine.

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Dubstep, EDM & Electronica Playlist for Pole Dancing Routines

Here is a selection of Dubstep, EDM and Electronica songs to inspire you for your next pole dance routine! Don’t forget to leave your suggestions for your favorite pole dancing songs in the comments below!

1. Goldfrapp – Strict Machine

This is a very sexual and sensual song, perform some big kicks or drop splits during the chorus for a great effect.

2. Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

This was the very first song I ever choreographed my own routine to, sadly there’s no video! I kept my biggest tricks and combos for when the bass dropped 😉

3. The Knife – Heartbeats

Everyone thinks that Jose Gonzalez sang the original version – he didn’t. This is, in fact, the original version of this song. It’s really great for creating a routine with a lot of flow and freestyle elements to it.

4. Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

Another dirty bassline with angelic female vocals on top, which makes it a perfect song for a badass pole dancing routine.

5. Chase & Status – Blind Faith

The next track on this pole dancing playlist is by Chase & Status, enjoy this one!

6. Nero – Guilt

A class pole dancing song by Nero, the pole dancer in this video has freakishly long legs! Check it out:

7. Major Lazer & DJ Snake (Ft. MØ) – Lean On

Off topic here, if you ever get the chance to see Major Lazer live, you must DO IT! One of the best live acts I’ve seen in a long time! This unique song gives you a chance to show off your best pole tricks.

8. Skrillex- Kill Everybody

And now for something completely different. This is for when it’s one of those days when you just need to let go and release your anger. Come up with an angsty routine to this EDM anthem by Skrillex.

9. Chase & Status – Flashing Lights (Ft. Takura)

It’s like I see my whole life… flashing right before me… The second Chase & Status song on this pole dancing playlist, and well-deserved too!

10. Nero – Promises

No pole dancer in this Nero video, but it’s still a perfect dubstep song to devise a routine to.

11. White Rabbit (Dubstep Remix)

The original of this song by Jefferson Airplane featured on our Psychedelic Rock Pole Dancing Playlist too. Grace Slick’s hauntingly hypnotic vocals sound great with a dubstep bassline too.

Which EDM/Dubstep Songs are on your Pole Dancing Playlist?

Leave a comment below with your favorite pole dance workout tunes! Don’t forget to check out Amazon Music Unlimited with a 30-day Free Trial to listen to all these songs, plus 100,000s more!

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Dubstep EDM Electro Pole Dancing Playlist

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.

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