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Review of Liquid Chalk as a Pole Dancing Grip Aid

Liquid Chalk as a Pole Dancing Grip Aid Product Review

Last Updated on December 16, 2022

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We love reviewing products at Pole Fit Freedom so that you can make the most of the various products out there for pole dancers! Pole dancing grip aids just so happen to be something were experts on (even if we do say so ourselves!)

This week, we’re reviewing a classic sports grip – Liquid Chalk, which is a very commonly used grip aid in pole studios around the world and for amateur and professional pole dancers alike.

You’re now spoiled for choice when it comes to pole dancing grip aids! When I started pole dancing, liquid chalk, or even basic powdered-chalk was all that was available to us. When I first laid my hands on a bottle of Liquid Chalk, it was my go-to product for the first 3 years of my pole dancing career, and I still use it to this day (in combination with other products)

I sound like such an old complainer – “pole dancers these days, don’t know what it was like back in our day!” but the choice of pole dancing grip aids is huge these days.

Don’t forget to check out our reviews of other pole dancing grip aid products to help you decide what’s best for you!

But, for now – how do you know if Liquid Chalk is going to work for you?

Let’s find out…

Liquid Chalk Pole Dance Grip Aid Review

Liquid Chalk as a Pole Dancing Grip Aid Review

Who is ‘Liquid Chalk’ For?

Liquid Chalk is not specifically marketed as a pole dancing grip aid, although many pole dancers use it all around the world.

Dry Hands is suitable for use with many different sports, such as tennis, golf, baseball, field athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, or anything that requires a strong grip.

Size of Bottle

For2fied Premium Liquid Chalk Grip, Climbing, Weight Lifting, Golf, Gymnastics,
8fl.oz bottle of Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk is usually sold in bottles of 8fl. oz (200ml), so they’re pretty bulky bottles to carry around with you. However, one bottle lasts for ages, perhaps even a year with regular use.

How to Use Liquid Chalk as a Pole Dancing Grip Aid

After you’ve fully warmed up, you only need about a small coin-sized amount of liquid chalk on your palms, rub it into your hands for improved pole grip.

Wait for it to dry for a few moments before using the pole. It’s also suitable to use on other areas of the body, such as behind your knees, on your ankles, on your inner thighs or anywhere else that needs an extra level of grip! It’s quite a large bottle so it’s perfect for applying to your body for extra grip as well!

Alternatively, you can apply liquid chalk directly to the pole – make that pole white! It’s like cheating yourself into using a powder-coated pole without having to buy one! This is great for learning new moves or particularly difficult moves, If you choose to use Liquid Chalk in this way, then it obviously won’t last as long as usual!

Pro Tip:

Always warm-up before using grip aid like liquid chalk, so you know how sweaty your palms will be when you’re using the pole, otherwise you may end up wasting it.


Don’t leave your bottle of Liquid Chalk open or it will dry up inside and become unusable!

First Impressions

If you have fairly dry hands to start with, then you should definitely warm up before using this, as chalk will make your hands feel even drier.

I have fairly dry hands and I could immediately see that chalky residue of this product clinging to the calluses on my hands (from years of pole dancing!)

I tried using Liquid Chalk on my hands without warming up and it actually made my hands feel more slippery than without using any grip aid at all!

Pro tip:

If Liquid Chalk, or any other grip aid makes your hands feel drier than when you started. Sprinkle a few drops of water on your hand and shake them/let them air dry naturally and you should find you’ll have a better grip!

The liquid chalk leaves a lot of dried residue on the poles during and after use. The poles will certainly need a good clean after using a lot of liquid chalk, especially if you decided to cover the pole itself! Here’s our guide on how to properly clean your dance pole (opens in a new tab)

Does Liquid Chalk Improve Pole Grip?

For performing spins on a static pole I found this excellent. It was just the right amount of grip needed to hold on and spin to the floor without sliding or getting stuck.

However, for performing spins on the spinning Pole, I felt my hand grip starting to slide, especially as I gained momentum and speed.

For performing lifts and static moves, I personally would have preferred to use a stronger, more tacky grip. Saying that I did not slip at all while using the 40mm or 45mm X poles. However, I felt a little less secure on the 50mm.

However, if I cover the pole in chalk, then anything is possible (except for spins on a chalk-covered static pole – ouch!) – so I always keep Liquid Chalk to hand for those extra tricky days when I really need help with grip.

Liquid chalk is both a grip enhancer product and an antiperspirant, for ultimate next-level stickiness, try a product such a Stickum Spray if Liquid Chalk isn’t working for you.

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What About Using Liquid Chalk With Sweaty Hands?

Liquid Chalk will work if you have a normal amount of sweatiness on your hands! For extremely sweaty hands that are too much for chalk to handle, try something like Carpe Lotion.

Advantages of Liquid Chalk

  • A well-known, popular product that most pole studios will have available
  • If used sparingly, the bottle will last for a very long time, making it exceptionally good value for money
  • Very easy to get hold of, can easily buy from Amazon so there’s no need to find a specialist retailer or store
  • It can be used on other areas of your body such as behind the knees or inner thighs
  • Doesn’t cause a friction sound when spinning or sliding down the Pole, like some grip aids do.

Disadvantages of Liquid Chalk

  • If your hands are extremely sweaty, this may not work effectively for you
  • Leaves a lot of residue on the pole that can be quite stubborn to remove
  • May cause blisters if overused

Value For Money

An 8oz bottle usually costs under $20 (check the current price here) so it won’t break the bank.

Due to its size and the fact that you only need quite a small amount for it to work – this is very good value for money.

If you pole once or twice per week then a bottle will last you about 8-12 months, maybe slightly less if you like to coat the pole (or your entire body!) in chalk!

Ingredients And Allergy Information

The ingredients are chalk and alcohol. If you’ve had an adverse reaction to either of these Ingredients, then Liquid Chalk is pole dancing grip is not for you. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a bad skin reaction to this product.

Overall Opinion

If you’re considering buying your first grip, Liquid Chalk is an excellent choice. I always keep a bottle of this to hand, even if it’s not my go-to grip product (which is iTac2, FYI) – I do tend to fall back on Liquid Chalk quite often. On hot days when I find it too slippery, I often coat the pole in chalk and end up making a total mess, but it certainly works for giving a high level of grip.

It’s good value for money and will last for several months at least. Liquid Chalk is also great to use in combination with other products, use Liquid Chalk as a base/antiperspirant and then a grip enhancer such as iTac2 or Stickum Spray for the right amount of stickiness that suits your need! It all depends on what works for you, as you become more experienced with pole dancing you’ll discover what works best for you!

If you don’t get on with this grip, you’re sure to find someone at your local pole studio who does, so it certainly won’t be wasted.

Product Rating


Dry Hands - Check current price on Amazon

This post may contain affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product. Read our full disclosure here.

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