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Review of Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer - Pole Dancing Grip Aid Review

Last Updated on December 16, 2022

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We love reviewing products at Pole Fit Freedom so that you can make the most of the various products out there. Pole dancing grip aids just so happen to be something were experts on (even if we do say so ourselves!) How do you know if Stickum Spray is going to work for you? If you’re thinking of buying Stickum Spray to improve your grip when pole dancing, this review will help you may your mind up.

These days, there are so many options available for pole dancing grip aids, it can be a bit of a minefield and somewhat overwhelming when you’re trying to find a grip solution that works for you. Fortunately, we’ve used all of the major grip aid products extensively, and we’re in the process of reviewing them all!

This week, we’re reviewing Stickum Spray, which is different to many other grip aids on the market as it’s applied using an aerosol spray, rather than a liquid or a powder.

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Let’s find out if Stickum Spray Grip is right for you…

Pole Dance Grip Aids: Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer Review

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer - Pole Dancing Grip Aid Review

Who is Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer for?

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is not specifically marketed towards pole dancers, it’s a general sports grip product that’s used in many activities, including tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics and even golf. Mueller manufactures a variety of different sports products.

That said, Stickum Spray grip enhancer is perfect for pole dancing, as it’s designed to create a tacky surface on your hands that helps you grip the pole.

Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer provides a strong-level of grip. It is suitable for pole dancers who really find it difficult to grip the pole with their hands.

It’s also suitable for dancers who are used to a 45mm pole but are practising on a larger pole, such as a 50mm, or for Chinese pole and other aerial activities that need a good amount of grip.

The spray is suitable for pole dancers who struggle with sweaty palms, slipping on the pole and reduced confidence due to difficulty with grip.

It also works well on dry hands, if you have dry skin then you’ll find that Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer provides the level of tackiness that you need for pole dancing.

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is an adhesive spray, not an antiperspirant. 

Size of Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

MUELLER Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer, Aerosol, 4-Ounce
4oz. Can of Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

The size of the can is 4oz, it’s a fairly large can as it’s an aerosol spray. It’s a larger container than most of other pole dancing grip products. With standard use, a can should large you 4-6 months before needing to buy more.

How to use Stickum Spray as a Pole Dancing Grip Aid

Hold the can 10-12 inches away from your hand and spray a short burst directly onto each hand. It doesn’t work if it’s applied directly to the pole. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel the ‘tackiness’ on your hands and that means that it’s working!

Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is activated by water, so if you feel it wearing off, then you can add a little bit of water to re-activate it. That means there’s no need to re-apply the product, making it last longer and very good value for money.

Pro Tip:

Always warm-up before using grip aid products like this one, so you know how sweaty you will be when you’re using the pole, otherwise, you may end up wasting it.


To remove the residue of Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer, you’ll need more than just water, as that simply re-activates the grip! You need some good soap or a dishwashing detergent liquid to fully remove it. Make sure you clean your pole too to remove all the residue of the product!

First Impressions

This is definitely a grip for extra-stickiness for performing advanced tricks, or for people who don’t have much success with grip products such as Dry Hands. If you have very dry hands (like I do) then you will find that Mueller Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray will make you feel super sticky! It is, after all, an adhesive spray as opposed to an antiperspirant, so it’s for improving grip, not drying up your sweat!

Does Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer Improve Pole Grip?

You bet it does! This is one of the stickiest grip aid products on the market. If you really struggle with gripping the pole, or you have very dry hands (the opposite problem to sweaty hands) then Stickum Spray will work very well for you. It’s perfect for pole dancers with very dry hands, who find that other pole dancing grip aid products just make your skin dryer and more difficult to grip with.

For performing tricks and spins on a spinning pole I found this excellent. It was the perfect amount of grip needed to hold on and spin to the floor without sliding or getting too stuck.

However, for performing spins on the static pole, it’s far too sticky for me, and I can’t actually spin to the floor smoothly because my hand is completely and utterly stuck to the pole! It’s perfect for performing static moves on either pole, or spins on a spinning pole!

For performing spins on a static pole, I personally would have preferred to use a less sticky grip. Saying that, most of what I do these days on a static pole doesn’t require me to be able to spin!

It does leave some residue on the pole and on your skin. You will need to use soap and warm water to clean the residue away. For the pole, use a pole cleaner or glass cleaner. Learn how to properly clean your dance pole here (opens in a new tab)

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What about using Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray with Very Sweaty Hands?

Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer will also work with sweaty skin, but it won’t dry up the sweat in the same way that chalk or Dry Hands will. If you have sweaty hands, then Stickum Spray will give you a lot of additional grip, but you may need to use it in combination with another product if you find that sweat is still a problem with using the pole.

Use an antiperspirant product before applying an adhesive, such as Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray.

Advantages of Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray

  • A well-known, popular product made by an established brand
  • Provides a very high-level of grip.
  • Will last for a very long time, so great value for money.
  • Easy to get hold of, can easily buy from Amazon, so there’s no need to find a specialist retailer or store
  • Can be easily used all over the body, but works best on hands and feet
  • Does not need re-applying mid-workout, one application is usually enough and it can be reactivated using water
  • Great for performing spins on the spinning pole
  • No liquid or powder involved, so no chances of accidental spillages inside your bag!

Disadvantages of Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray

  • You may find that Stickum Spray provides a bit too much stickiness, making it tricky to perform spins on a static pole.
  • It may cause blisters if you use too much of this product on skin that’s already dry
  • It’s a large container and an aerosol, making it less environmentally friendly.

Value for Money

One can of Mueller Stickum Grip Enhancer Spray usually costs less than $20 (Check the current price here on Amazon)

Due to its size and the fact that it can be reactivated with water – this is exceptionally good value for money.

If you pole once or twice per week then a single can of Stickum Spray will last you about 6 months, maybe slightly less if you re-apply the product during your workouts or practice sessions. Store it in a cool, dry place for it to last longer, but it doesn’t seem to ‘go bad’ if it’s left unused.

Ingredients and Allergy Information

Mueller Stickum Spray is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, its main ingredient is tree resin. If you’re prone to having sensitive skin, then check the list of ingredients before using it. Mueller has confirmed that their product is vegan-friendly.

Overall Opinion

If you’re considering buying a strong, adhesive pole dancing grip, Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is a great first choice. It’s very good value for money and will last for a long time.

If you don’t get on with this grip, you’re sure to find someone at your local pole studio who does, so it certainly won’t be wasted.

Product Rating


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This post may contain affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product. Read our full disclosure here.

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