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​Pole And Aerial – An Incredible Workout Combination

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If you’ve been involved in the Pole dancing community for a while, you’ll have discovered that Pole and aerial go together like berries and cream.

Both Pole and aerial involve similar principles. They both involve above-average levels of upper body strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. 

But – they are distinctly different.

Pole dancing is not a true aerial sport or artform because a dance pole is connected to the floor. 

In aerial sports – the apparatus is suspended. 

That’s not to say that pole dancing isn’t a sport in its own right, but it’s not an aerial sport.

Flying Pole however, is a form of aerial sport that is very similar to pole dancing but with a twist – the pole hangs freely from the ceiling!

As an apparatus – flying pole is incredibly unique! It’s very challenging however, and not recommended for beginners without careful instruction.

Why Pole And Aerial Are Similar

Pole dancing and aerial are similar because they both involve performing acrobatic or dance moves while suspended in the air using a vertical pole or apparatus.

Both forms of dance require strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as a certain level of fearlessness and confidence. In both pole dancing and aerial, dancers use their bodies to contort and move in ways that are both impressive and aesthetically pleasing to watch.

Additionally, both sports often incorporate elements of sensuality and showmanship, making them popular choices for entertainment, workouts and performance.

Uses Similar Muscles

The principle muscle groups used in pole and aerial are the same.

Both use downward forces to defy gravity and pose your body into beautiful shapes that flow as part of a performance.

Both Require Agility And Grace

Spinning elegantly around a pole is not easy, neither is being suspended from the ceiling.

Both pole and aerial require the ability to move gracefully, making the motions appear effortless (when we all know they’re not!)

Agility and grace both come with practise and time if you’re regularly using the pole or aerial equipment to workout.

Both Carry Similar Risks

As with all sports, there are risks involved.

However the risks with pole and aerial are severe. That’s why we always use crash mats!

Besides injuries, things like bruises, friction burns and calluses on the hands are common for both polers and aerialists.

We call them pole kisses (not bruises, bruises are ugly but pole kisses are a badge of honor!)

Both Sports Promote Body Positivity

One of the best things about pole dancing and aerial fitness is that they are inclusive for people of different shapes and sizes. Both the pole fitness and aerial communities are supportive of aerialists/polers of all shapes and sizes.

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How Pole And Aerial Are Different

As we mentioned earlier, pole is not considered an aerial sport, despite their similarities

Pole dancers have the option to push off from the floor whereas true aerialists do not.

It’s possible for pole dancers to before aerial tricks by climbing the pole before starting the move.

An aerial invert is a major pole dancing milestone to reach. 

Aerial inverts require more strength than inverting from the floor as there is nothing to push off from!

Some pole dancers learn to aerial invert by pushing one foot off the pole for assistance before building strength to perform a true aerial invert.

Most pole dancing moves start from the floor and end on the floor.

Whereas with aerial sports, the performer usually stays suspended for the duration of a performance, with a few exceptions.

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Combinations Of Pole And aerial

There are a few unique and innovative aerial sports that combine the equipment used in Pole dancing and aerial.

Lollipop Lyra

The Lollipop Lyra is not strictly an aerial sport either – but it’s very similar. Lollipop Lyra is a combination of lyra hoop and a spinning freestanding pole dancing pole.

The lyra hoop sits atop the pole as performers make use of the pole and hoop to create beautiful shapes and poses.

Lolipop Lyra Pole
Lyra Pole aka “Lollipop Lyra”

Pole Silks Attachment

You can easily combine aerial silks into your pole dancing workout with the SILKII Pole Silks Attachment by X Pole. This nifty little device converts your pole into an aerial silks rig (sort of)

This is a very clever way to incorporate aerial silks into your pole dancing workout (or vice versa)

X Pole SILKII Review

Flying Pole

Flying Pole is a unique for aerial art. It’s unique in the fact that it combines pole fitness with aerial principles to create an exciting new performance technique.

Performers who use flying poles incorporate an array of incredible inverts, climbs and spins, all while suspended on a free-hanging vertical dance pole that’s hanging from the ceiling!

This type of innovation brings a completely original vitality and innovation into pole fitness and aerial arts. We love it.

Flying Pole
Flying Pole by X Pole

What Are The Benefits Of Pole And Aerial?

We’ve written extensively on this blog about the physical and mental benefits of pole dancing.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits you’ll experience as a poler and/or aerialist:

1. Better coordination and balance

2. Improved flexibility and strength

3. Raised self-esteem and confidence

4. Weight loss and burning calories

5. Better sleep and even a better sex life

6. The chance to become part of a global community 

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In conclusion, pole dancing and aerial fitness are exciting and unique workouts, artforms and sports (yes, sports) that can provide plenty of incredible benefits for the mind and body.

Not only do these activities improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, but they also promote confidence and body positivity.

Whether you’re a brand new beginner or an experienced dancer, there’s a pole or aerial class out there for you!

So why not give it a try and see how pole dancing and aerial fitness can elevate your fitness routine?

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